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Anyone have some good resources (professional articles) to share or recommend an approach to talking to admins about not blocking Youtube, social media, etc.?

I'm looking for a way that a teacher could change the reading level of a text. I've seen several apps/extensions for "simplifying" a page, but I'm wondering if there is a tool that anyone knows of that would allow for online or print text to be changed to a specific Lexile or reading level. Thanks for your help!

Does anyone know of an app that will do read aloud with printed text? We have an older student with a low reading level and we are looking for some supports for him for daily life tasks: reading the newspaper, directions, etc. Printed text that he could just scan with his phone and have read aloud.

Looking for ways of evaluating technology integration in a teacher''s classroom. Anyone have rubrics or other tools that would help provide feedback to and set goals for teachers?

We are in the process of creating a STEM lab. What do others do to keep track of equipment, check in/check out? Are there free, simple ways of doing this? I'd appreciate any advice.

Any good platforms out there for making documentaries? Sixth-grade teacher wants students to include nonfiction articles, video clips, music, interviews, etc. Thanks for your help!

I'm helping our RTI team to organize their data. Does anyone know of a chart in Sheets or Excel that would mimic the pyramid that displays the 3 tiers? We were hoping to show the percent of students that are falling in each tier with something visually similar to the 3 tiers model. It would be great if we could compare the percentage of students at each level with the percentage that are expected too. Or if you were willing to share a spreadsheet designed to serve this purpose I would greatly appreciate it.

Trying to help a teacher find good research sites to send 5th-grade social studies students to for research on American Indian cultural groups in North and South America. Is there anything anyone has used before?

I have a teacher with a student that will be out due to illness for an extended period of time. She uses a lot of Smart Notebook and would like to record her lessons using screensharing. I was thinking of using a Live Streaming Event on YouTube so that it could be saved as a link for the student to view whenever he is able. Does anyone have any tips for implementing this? Or a better suggestion? I'm also wondering about sound and how best to record her voice while she is walking around the room.

Looking for a good way to review GSuite with middle school students for the start of the school year...hyperdoc, game, scavenger hunt, etc. Does anyone have anything along these lines? Thanks in advance.
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