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Post has shared content : Internet - Nouvelles de DuckDuckGo
Essayez-moi ça rapidement ! C'est déjà très intéressant et son évolution est certaine...
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It's 11.11.11, and yes, we do have a Spinal Tap station for you...

Turn your volume up to 11 and enjoy!!/music/artist/spinal+tap
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G+ Tip: Want to check in with me quickly?
Add to your RSS feed and name it +GPlusTips - that way you can receive a GPlusTips dedicated stream into your favorite RSS reader. You can do this with any profile - just add a new subscription, type<enter google profile ID here>

Thanks to +Google Plus Blog for the tip! Check out their blog! And here's the post that describes this process.
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Jochen's Tutorial for managing circles

For all of you having problems how to manage their circles, here's my current solution so far:

← Following
← Google Inc.
← Interesting
← Tech Stuff
←→ Friends
←→ Mainz
←→ Opoloo
→ Business
→ Known people
Read later

I guess that one needs some more detailled explanation, so here we go:

1. Use arrows to mark incoming and outgoing circles

Usually there are 3 use cases: (1.) Reading the stream (incoming stuff), (2.) posting and sharing to people (outgoing stuff) and (3.) empty circles for specific purposes.

So I prefixed all incoming circles for reading with a left arrow ("←", ASCII-Code 27) and all circles that I use to target my audience with a right arrow ("→", ASCII-Code 26) symbolizing outgoing posts. Also there are some circles that fullfill both purposes, managing my target audience as well as containing incoming "streamers". Those circles get the prefix "←→". Now we have the cases concerning all reading/writing covered.

In addition to the nice visual recognition for incoming and outgoing, the circles are automatically ordered, making it easier to manage your streams.

2. Sub-Circles and Container-Circles

As you might have recogniced already, there is a circle named "← *INBOX". This is a sort of container circle, which holds all people from my incoming circles at once. Optionally you can place individual people in here that don't fit in any of your other incoming circles. The Inbox is the main circle for reading my stream, filtering out everything that I don't wanna read contantly. Oh, of cource you can also exclude users from the circle ;)

3. Special circles

So far we've covered circles for reading your stream and circles for managing your target audience. But there's more you can do with you're circles:

AWESOME: This one is an empty circle, containing not a single person. It is used for collecting posts that are... uhm.. AWESOME! :) If you have a post that you want to keep over time - compare it to some sort of bookmarking - just share this single post with your *AWESOME-circle (or whatever name you will give it).

Drafts: You know the problem? Just writing a long post, and in the middle of it your Mom, girlfriend, or whoever calls and wants your attention. Damn. That's where your "Draft"-circle comes in handy: just share your unfinished post in this circle to finish it later. Remember to leave this circle empty, too ;)

Read later: Same situation as with drafts - you get interrupted and want to finish you're reading later, but without the need of searching it in the depths of your stream? Share it with your "Read later" circle, and do what the name implies :)

Strikes: Oh yes, this one is my dark side of circles. People that I followed earlier and are now spamming my streams with mindless stuff go in there. From time to time I examine the stream for this circle, and if the people in there keep spamming, they vanish from my circles completely or move to the blocked ones.

Ok, so far so good. I hope that I could give you some helpful tips or suggestions what you can do with your circles. More to come :)
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Oh, Google+ has a problem. If you start a full-on blog post from a Share of someone else's post, it isn't collapsable or sharable. Sorry about that.

So, here's my tips for Google+ new users:

My tips for newer users of Google+:

1. Learn what circles are and how to put people into them. When I first started out I went crazy with circles, opening up something like 20 of them. That wasn't very smart, it turned out. Now I'm back to seven. Simple ones like "friends, family, coworkers, geeks, VCs, tech press." Etc.

2. Learn how to distribute content to circles, or public, or certain people. When you post here you don't need to send it to everyone. You can send it just to people you've put in a specific circle, like "friends" or you can send it to a specific person, like me.

2b: Learn not to use your home feed as your main place to visit. Start a circle called "my home circle." Now when you add people you can add them to multiple circles, but if you don't want to see someone everyday you can keep them out of your home circle (unfortunately if you follow people they will always be on your actual main feed).

3. Find a few "seed followers" that you like to follow. Then look at who they are following. You'll find lots more people to follow that way. For instance, I'm following 3,200 geeks, including most of the execs, tech press, VCs, etc. If those kinds of people float your boat, look through my list and pick and choose who you also want to follow.

4. Remember, posts with photos or video do better than just text posts, so see if you can figure out how to get other media in here.

5. If someone gets too noisy, let's cover how to handle that.

A. Too many posts. Sometimes you'll follow someone like +Chris Pirillo who posts a lot. What I've done with those folks, is put them into a "Noisy buttheads" circle. That way they don't pollute all your other circles, although they still will show up on your home feed. Feel free to put me in that circle for now.

B. Too many comments on some posts. Some posts will go viral here. It won't just happen to me. For instance, it might happen to you now that I've pushed you into 33,000 people's view by resharing your post (more on that in a second). If this happens to just one post, you can click the drop-down-menu over to the right of a post and choose "mute." You'll never see that post again. This is a good way to get rid of some things that are cluttering up your feed.

C. Consistently high engagement noise (there are already about 50 people who are consistently getting high engagement, folks like me, Trey Ratcliff, Leo Laporte, etc etc) and for us you just need to segregate us into our own circle. Or just put up with that kind of noise (I enjoy engaging in a lot of rapid-fire comments).

6. Turn off email notifications, or learn to filter them with Gmail's filters. I have turned them off. Too much email, too fast, especially if you get hit by one of the whales here (sorry for hitting you on the first day).

7. Setup your profile and make sure it's hyper complete. Look at mine at and then go set yours up at (I've spent a lot of time on mine).

8. Try to talk about something other than Google+. Try to say what you'll be doing with this. Post something original. Or, start a good debate about something that you care about. Etc. I'm really trying to do this because I'm getting bored with talking about Google+, but I see a lot of new people coming in here, so wanted to write down my thoughts based on my first 13 days.

9. Try using keyboard. J moves down. K moves up. I'm sure there's others coming.

10. If you use Google Chrome as your browser, there are a bunch of extensions you should try:

11. Learn how resharing works. For instance, I took your original post and reshared it with my audience. Right now that causes some duplication noise (folks following both of us will see your post twice, once from you, once reshared from me) and there will be separate comments under both. Fragmentation is gonna be a problem until Google fixes that here. But resharing is how things are getting very viral. For instance, I just reshared your item with 33,000 people. Now, what if 10% of those reshared it with THEIR audiences? This is why things get crazy very quickly.

Anyway, that's some things. I'm sure you'll hear lots of other advice today. Have fun and looking forward to seeing what you post here.
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