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Label Forms and Integrated Labels
Apple Forms carries an unbeatable variety of high quality Label Forms. The speed of modern business has made it crucial for business owners to find unifying and cost-saving solutions to all aspects of their operations. For industries with a need for streamlined paper and label solutions, label forms make an ideal option, combining essential paper space with integrated labels. At Apple Forms, our integrated labels, also known as 'Piggy Back labels' and 'Blow-on labels', are perfect for packing operations, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, warehouses, distribution facilities, laboratories and many more. We have a large variety of standard label forms to choose from, and if needed can customize our label forms to suit your company’s specifications. Our integrated label forms are compatible with all ink jet, laser, and offset printers. We are also able to offer label forms that are compatible with thermal printers if necessary.

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Printed Forms Are Expedient

And by this we mean that printed forms makes office work more expedient.  Whether we are talking about requisition forms or vacation request forms and so on, printed forms streamline the decision-making process and leaves a literal paper trail that both the employee and management can follow.

What this means is that accountability can be made by both sides and will allow the right departments to keep track of things that they need to.  For example, both Accounting and Human Resources will want to know which employees are taking off when and who, if anyone, is able to take over that person’s duties for the day.

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Making Use of Integrated Labels

So what are integrated labels used for and how are they useful?  To answer the first part of the question, integrated labels are labels you can remove from a form and place it atop an envelope or package.  The remaining form is usually placed inside the package or kept as a form of receipt or reference.

Such labels are especially useful if you are a shipping company or a business that sends out packages or letters often.  By having a label you can remove from a form and then placing it like a sticker, you save time and money having to print out two separate items.

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Pre-Printed Forms Make Paperwork More Efficient

Some of the more common forms that companies usually use regularly are request forms for one item or another, e.g. office supplies, office furniture, and so on.  Others include forms requesting part-time off and other kinds of personal leave.  Plus, there are employee applications; imagine having to print out every single one of these when asked.  That wastes a whole lot of time, money, and paper.

Printed forms not only save paper and time spent printing, it also saves money on expensive ink.  And while you are at it, you might as well get pre-printed labels for when you need to organize and send out packages and letters.
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