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On a mini photowalk with +Kevin Baker yesterday. Why mini? Because we didn't do much walking as we only stayed at this spot where coincidentally after 10 minutes or so of shooting, we came across +Paul van de Loo . Pleased to meet you in real life sir!

#HDR  Photography by Cho Tang

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Whoa dude, that is one sick photo! 
De kleuren zijn amazing man, goede keus!
Wow +Cho Tang this is a hell of a shot! Great stuff. I am on the iPad and cannot read the exif, what lens is this? (OK i am secretly considering to buy the 10-20mm) 
Thanks very much +Vincenzo D C ! This was indeed taken with the 10-20. It's been my partner since almost the beginning and even survived murder by shower gel! This shot was cropped btw so I think the focal point was more like 14mm
I though so, that' why i asked and mentioned the 10-20. You did a great job. I guess it's a hard lens to practice with, but then becomes a loyal companion and excellent in low light, that's my expectation at least. So, very well done (and don't shower it anymore :) )
It's hard to make things perfectly symmetrical during the shot, and I guess it's pretty decent with low light (I have the f/4-5.6 version) but it's essential for landscapes and interior me anyway :)
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