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A review on European Croissants
Gino's (Venice) : € 1.20 With its close proximity to Casa Artom, Gino's was the first place I got a croissant. This one came with a surprise inside. What I thought was a little strip of honey ended up being some apricot jam, not bad but I was not expecting ...

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Food, futbol and fitness
Obviously going abroad you have to be ready for a culture shock, and I definitely started to miss little things from home. Some of these things seem trivial, but some are really important parts of my life.  If you know me, you know that I love my sports. Go...

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The Girl Next Door: Peggy Guggenheim
So despite being right next door, I waited until the last day of classes to finally make my way inside the Guggenheim. Maybe it was because it was so close, I knew it would always be there. Maybe because once the weather turned nice, all its visitors blocke...

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A different view of Venice
As I am entering my last week in Venice, I can’t help but to
think how lucky I am. With all the studying and traveling this semester, I
began to take for granted what a beautiful city Venice is. My weekly trips to
the grocery store, and even my daily runs b...

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The Island of Malta
Not one of the places I thought I would ever end up, and to
be honest I thought Malta was part of Italy and may or may not have gotten it
confused with Sicily before. Malta is its own country, heavily influenced by
the UK. That means English is one of its o...

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UK: Rainbows in Edinburgh
We were lucky to just miss the rain when we went out in Edinburgh. We walked up to Edinburgh Castle and tried not to get blown off the side of the hill. There was a perfect rainbow right over the city and if you look close you can see the faint appearance o...

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Carnevale di Venezia 2014
What is Carnevale? It is a two week long event that ends on Fat Tuesday. In modern times, it has a similar approach that Mardi Gras has, but originally it was a time when you could be anyone you wanted to be. A peasant could dress as royalty, a student as a...

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A food tour of the UK
First stop, layover in the Stansted airport.  They
actually had an entire sushi track, but we just went for the prepackaged stuff. Our hostel in Dublin had free breakfast which was pretty much just unsweetened cornflakes and toast. Nothing to get too excite...
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