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Net Studios Inc.
NET Studios Inc., the leader in Performance-Based-Websites for local business.
NET Studios Inc., the leader in Performance-Based-Websites for local business.


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Get your personal invitation today, we are starting July 2018
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How Startups Can Find a Great Web Development Agency

Choosing a tech partner can be very nerve-wracking, especially if you’re creating a new business as a non-technical founder. After all, how can you find trustworthy and reputable companies with so many hundreds of options out there? It can be a very time-consuming process, especially when you add research on top of it.

So how do you choose? Should you go with a small company or a larger one? Does your chosen company need to be in the same country or can it be offshore? What about dev shops? Do they matter?

As you start to do your research on web consultancies, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Specialization

What is specialization? It refers to software companies that are specialists in certain areas, such as PHP, Ruby, or Python. These companies are considered experts in their given specialty, which reduces the time they need to spend redoing a project.

Specialist companies are a good option for startups. After all, you’re looking for someone who is good in multiple fields. You don’t want to miss out on any work and revenue that comes along with that. By choosing specialist companies, you can ensure lower bills, less time spent on projects, and less of a chance of “reinventing the wheel,” so to speak. Projects don’t need to be customized since these specialists already know how to go about their job.

So how do you choose the right specialist company? It’s best to find ones that are very passionate about what they do. These dev shops should only offer limited services, but they should be very good at those services.

Quality should be at the forefront of all they do, be those responsive websites or e-commerce sites. These specialist companies should also be very fast, at least ten times as fast as a general company that offers the same services. After all, the better you know how to do something, the faster you can do it. Companies like these practically market themselves through referrals and word-of-mouth.

A few pointers:

Review a specialist company’s portfolio. Don’t settle for average here. Look for specialization in service.
Choose a company that loves what they do. If they host and sponsor certain events, that’s great. If they are involved in the company and do open source work, better still.
Check their website, social media, and blog. Make sure they’re clear about their services and have a cohesive message across these three channels.

There are many software companies out there of various sizes, from huge IT companies to smaller, lone wolf freelancers. You’d be surprised which of these companies offers the best reliability. It’s important not to choose a team that’s too small or too big. Hire teams with at least four or five members. All team members should be focused on development and design.

Besides size, you also have to consider business consulting and mentoring. However, it’s harder to find these services in a startup. This all goes back to specialization. Without specialization, startups don’t have a strong focus.

Also lacking focus are larger businesses with 40 and 50 members or more. These teams have less agility and speed because there are just too many members. It’s easier for these teams to fall back into the familiarity of B2B services instead of serving startup clients.

Also, although they’re generally less focused, these bigger teams still tend to charge more money for their services. After all, they need the money for posh events and middle managers to oversee projects. As a startup owner, you have to ask yourself if your money would be better spent elsewhere.

Some takeaways:

Go for smaller companies with five members or more.
Make sure the company does IT-On-Demand.
The company should also be an expert in business or IT startups.

Today, you can outsource work from almost anywhere thanks to our globalized economy. However, that doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best talent and value for your money. If you are going to outsource, make sure you choose a company that has global experts. The company should also have worked with other startups in the past. This reduces the chances of failure.

What matters most in your business relationships? Even if you value face-to-face meetings, you don’t have to give these up entirely. You can use Skype and other similar software to communicate with your IT professionals. If you insist that everyone on your team meets physically with you, you could miss out on valuable overseas employees.

That said, don’t choose just anybody for the job. It’s best to pick employees from countries renowned for their business ethics and strong results. Avoid the cheapest option because you think you’ll save money. You often don’t get quality work. Instead of focusing on the cost of services, look for specialists instead. These are the ones that, while they may cost more money, will do better work.

A few suggestions:

Only choose experts when outsourcing instead of the cheapest option.
Make sure your employee has a track record of excellence.
Hire employees that have worked with startups before to ensure the best fit.
As a startup-as-a-service (SAAS) company, we encourage you to call on us anytime, whether you’re a brand new startup or a more established one. We love meeting new founders-to-be and entrepreneurs and hearing your ideas. We want to help any way we can, whether being another set of eyes to review a project or providing development resources. Call us today.
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The Founder Of Net Studios Inc.

My name is Jason Bishop. Over the last two decades, I’ve built many relationships with some of the most well-respected technology experts in the industry. I hope you’ll allow me and my vast array of IT specialists to take your startup organization to the next level, but first, an introduction to my IT business history.

I became fascinated with IT at age 13 when I began delving into programming reference books and writing my own software. I was entranced by it all — MS-DOS, Basic, C++. You name it, I read about it. I began to create non-graphic games, a baseball card inventory program, and my personal favorite — software to pick winning lottery numbers. That’s some big ambition for a young kid. Predictably, I never won the lottery, but my ambition never wavered.

In 1999, when was merely an online bookstore, I opened several online retail destinations, focusing on merging online retail with organic SEO. I engaged in what’s now termed “affiliate marketing,” working with many Fortune 5000 brands.

Subsequently, I generated more traffic than Amazon could handle, and was frequently kicked off of hosts due to traffic. Single-handedly, I broke the Amazon API. What I did then seems logical now, but at the time, organic SEO was unprecedented. The timing of my venture, immediately following the dotcom bust, led a lot of friends and colleagues to question why I would get involved in such a thing. Why would anyone shop online when it’s just as easy, not to mention instantly gratifying, to shop in brick and mortar stores? I wonder if they would make such a statement now.

At the time, I lived and breathed SEO, fascinated by the results it returned. I loved the idea of reverse engineering a search engine's algorithm. As a result, in many cases, my retail sites ranked higher than that of major retailers for their own brand name items.

The secret to my success was reverse engineering the major search engines and duplicating the results for my own retail sites. For all intents and purposes, I was a one-man show not only able to compete with large brands but in many cases, able to outcompete major brands with hundreds of employees on staff and millions of dollars in their pockets. In just a five-year span, I generated over $25 million in sales for my Fortune 5000 clients and became one of the elites in affiliate marketing.

I embarked on my next venture in 2008, creating a company to help small businesses compete with major brands in web design and marketing. I was disappointed to discover that many of my clients were stubbornly unwilling to follow through with the advice I gave. There’s nothing more frustrating for a consultant who is an expert in the field than to have clients unwilling to pursue their plan, but every failure also comes with success. The clients who followed my advice at that time found themselves leaders in their niche, a merit that continues through to today.

One client, in particular, stands out in my memory as a prime example of the success that can be reaped when hard work and dedication are paired with my ability to guide and direct. When the client approached me, they offered $500 for a website I was offering for $2,500. Instead of selling them the site, I designed a one-page site of their own. As a startup businessman, the customer eventually turned into one of my best clients, primarily because he willingly listened to, and followed my advice.

Each time he made a profit, he reinvested, followed the plan I created for him, and ended up with a unique business concept in a competitive niche that separated and elevated his ideas from the rest in his field. My client, who only had a mere $500 for his startup website, became the owner of a company that went on to become one of the most successful companies in his market.

In just five years, he went from unknown entrepreneur to business owner of an organization listed in Franchise 500, Forbes Top 100, Fortune 5000, and Inc 500 as one of the fastest growing companies in America. The key to his success was his willingness to work with my directive and his ability to continually reinvest and recreate the business.
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How To Get Started With Accelerated Mobile Pages Now

Accelerated Mobile Pages are Google and Twitter's latest option to get information to your mobile audience even faster. By eliminating some of the more complicated aspects of web page development, essentially boiling HTML down to its most necessary components, you can start loading information up on current events with practically no delay. We'll tell you more about the background and how to get started, so you stay in the game.

Right Here, Right Now

The search live coverage carousel is what you'll use to post stories happening in real time. Whether that's standard news, entertainment gossip or sports updates, it's a way for you to get your coverage out first so you have the advantage of drawing more viewers to your website. It's in the family of Google's other recent announcement of real-time indexing API, which has pages come up right away without having to be crawled first by the search engine mechanisms. This combined with AMP can make a publisher unstoppable if they get their stories in first. So far, it's been mainly open used by larger companies, but there are ways that smaller companies and organizations can start competing with the conglomerates who already dominate Google News. Not only can you load text on standard news websites, but you can also do videos and blogs as well.

Simple and Effective to Do

Google designed this to be user-friendly, so you'll only be working with an HTML environment, though there are some restrictions. You can only use Javascript, CSS, HTML syntax and Structured Data that was approved by Google in order to work with AMPs. You can expect practically instant exposure because the pages themselves are so simple: one picture, brief text and maybe one or two advertising banners. When people search for anything related to your topics, Google will put your story at the top of mobile devices for easy clicking. Recently Google added new features, like navigation menus, as they develop the platform.

SEO and You

Google controls a lot of people's businesses, and they're used to people taking their decisions as if they were life and death. However, Google isn't here to design your marketing campaign, and so far, they're not going to make AMPs countable when it comes to SEO. But, an AMP can pop up on a screen up to 4 times quicker than a standard web page though, and an optimized web page most certainly is counted when it comes to SEO — and it's an important component to showing up first.

Audience Use

In the more encouraging news, Google has already seen wide adoption on a global level for AMPs. Even websites that specialize in somewhat niche areas like recipes and travel content have done incredibly well in boosting their numbers. There are well over 100 million AMPs, and millions more being added each week. In early August, Google debuted a preview of how they'll have AMPs apply to all of the search results pages, as opposed to just the Top Stories part. Should a searcher click on the AMP Logo when they see one of these pages, they'll be directed to the content immediately. If you're one of the many people who has accessed the content, you already know just how much faster it can be.

Waiting Games

Currently, Google is concentrating on selective AMP efforts, but that doesn't mean they won't expand to your industry soon. This means it's helpful for a developer to be ready when it happens. Eventually, they want this type of content to apply to more and more businesses, creating huge opportunities for those who don't specialize in standard news content to reach more people. eBay has already stated that they'll be testing out their own version of AMPs on 8 million mobile pages. So far, they'll only be category landing pages as opposed to product pages, as much of their SEO comes from their category pages. They're working with Google to test how to make the UX better as well as best A/B methods too. Of course, the technology changes fast, so it's possible that there will be a modified form of accelerated pages by the time they let more businesses come on board.

For the Developer

Just one change in a website can affect your Android or iOS performance, and AMPs have had their fair share of problems when it comes to loading. Google continues to come out with new updates to make it easier, but that doesn't mean you should rely on them. One common problem is to use AMP, you need to have an image. If you're using the normal plugins, you'll have to add pictures to the rest of your old posts (all of them) or else you will get a page error. It's also still not compatible with a variety of ad networks, and it's unclear when the changes will be made. You may also be using plugins that simply won't work with the framework, so you may have to rework and redesign your current format before moving ahead. Regardless of the system you use, you should work on making one of your sites AMP compatible, as a learning experiment so you're ready for the real thing.

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Moving from Stalled to Winning by Leveraging Networking

You are starting from the best position — Highly educated, top experience, well versed in strategic marketing, SEO, and online marketing. Yet, for all the smoke there is no fire. You have everything it takes to succeed but you are not succeeding. In fact, your business is living from one client to the next and despite lavish praise and testimonials from your clients, quality new businesses are not finding you.

Ask Yourself -

Do you follow your own marketing advice?
Have you put all of your best practices in place?
Are you monitoring the results?
Are you wondering why high-profile clients do not know your name?
To reach those types of clients we've devised a list of tips that help companies like yours meet those rich and powerful clients interested in your products or services and at your prices. The list includes two key topics:

Smart Networking
Mastering B2B Content Marketing
Smart Networking - Building Quality Leads without the Hard Work
Look at how the internet works for marketing. Referral sites allow potential customers an inside glance at competing businesses. You can put that same concept to work for you with quality network groups. In fact, the most beneficial types of network groups, and there are a few, is are the ones that are set up by the company they are designed to help. That means creating your own group, but if done right, you're golden.

Is Creating Your Own Group the Right Move for You?
The downside of group networks is they require an intense investment of your own labor. That is more of the working hard not smart rational. Can you create your own group network without the labor sink? You can and the benefits include control. You choose the people who surround you. You get to set the fine details such as when to meet, how much entry fees cost, what the rules are, and what the topic of discussion are. Remember that this is supposed to be a beacon that attracts the gravy train. So setting it up follows all of the rules of marketing — branding, motivation, and a unique selling point that differentiates your group from the fray. You know how to do this. It is within your wheelhouse. Here is a closer look at how you can empower yourself.

Focus on the three P's — People, Place, and Promotion
People: What is your ideal persona for this group? Think in terms of cubism and build stratum of personas that link through commonalities - the ties that bind.
Place: The place for gathering should be inviting. It, itself should spark an interest in your group but not overly compete with your agenda. Picking such a place helps entice people to come. Match the location to your group personas so you create cohesion amid all of the elements involved.
Promotion: Match the promotions, and marketing is essential, to the group personas. You want to hit your target group else your position does not change. Focus on your goals and market to those like minds.
Should You Utilize Existing Groups?
Why not? There is power, but it takes some maneuvering for you to reach a place within the group where you have the ability to move the group in your own direction. The question for you is, do you have the energy to do that? You loose a little bit of the benefits that you gain in starting your own group. Which is the best option for you? If you are a newer business, you need your energy to focus your business. You also need time to position yourself as a person of power. Do you have that time? These are a few of the hard questions you have to ask.

Mastering B2B Content Marketing
The internet, as with any new venture, eventually fills up with what is ultimately the status quo. Over the last 20 years what was a brand new and exciting environment is now grown complex, competitive, and full. It is full of information. In fact, it is so full of information that there is hardly any value left in producing information because whatever you are going to convey has already been said. Yet, in such a feast of poor fare people still look for quality food for thought. So how do you attract those types of people?

Start with your goal — To become the vendor of choice on a crowded menu full of options. Sounds good no? Well, it is doable, but not if you plan to feed the world. Remember in forming a networking group your goal was to attract specific types of personas. The same is true here. You have to focus on the industries and niche markets where you are going to be the most successful. Also, keep in mind that business is not just moving forward. There is the opportunity to move upwards too. Think dynamically, but rein in your enthusiasm so that you driving force is focused.

Show don't Tell — People have already heard it all before, but they may not have seen it. Show them the results. Offer to compare your results with their strategy and outcomes. No, becomes yes when people can see the potential. Apply what you preach to their needs and then show them how it benefits them. Show them the way, but remain the vehicle to get them there.

Harness the Power of Social Media — Be selective, though. You want to make your energy pay off and that means less Facebook and more LinkedIn, trade associations, and groups that help you identify your target leaders.

How Many is Too Many? Set a goal. How many top leaders do you want to target - Ten, 20, 25? The goal is to reach out to these people and show them why they need you. Pick up the phone, consider video messaging that uses their company as the vector. There are options about how to to do this and succeed. Be prepared to follow up with a written proposal or presentation. These are not stupid people. They will want to tear apart your idea and see how it fits into their strategy. That is the key. You need to fit your talents into their strategy or convince to change their strategy by adopting your expertise.

Meet Your Goal: Keep at it until you hit that starting number of positive responses. Move from presentation to proposal by morphing your stance to solve their problems. Once you gain a position of trust, you have the options to develop and deliver comprehensive solutions. That is what your business is about, right — Helping other businesses increase their market share and profits. In the process, you do the same for your own business.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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It's Essential for You to Implement Long-Tail Keywords: Here's Why And Exactly How

Google is always the force you monitor as you make changes to your keyword strategy, and the launch of RankBrain only solidifies the need to do so. In fact, it has been labeled one of the most influential ranking signal in terms of search engine results. Google implemented this tool as the solution to its largest unsolved problem. That problem relates to the 15 percent of daily search queries never searched before and the quest to rank them properly.

That amounts to come 450 million daily searches and it really does matter. Consider, for a moment that you are optimizing for the undefined or lacking 15%. You must identify which long tail keywords this is as well as why they are important. The process begins with a look at what long tail keywords are and then you must consider the process the consumer is using that is surfacing those keyword phrases.

What Are Long Tail Keywords and How Are Consumers Using Them?

Long tail keywords are very specific phrases made up of between three and four phrases. Consumers type them in for one big reason: They know exactly what they plan to buy and are looking for it. This makes them highly valuable and more likely to convert to sales than utilization of general keyword searches. Typical keyword phrases are used by consumers prior to the consumer entering the buying decision.

Here’s an example of how a consumer might go through the process of using keywords on his or her mobile phone:

He or she learns of the product.
Then, they seek key information about the product as they prep to purchase.
The consumer next takes a look at alternatives. Is this the best based on features, prices, and other factors?
The consumer comes to a decision about what to buy.
Then, he or she makes the purchase.
When utilizing long tail keywords, your goal is to target that fourth step, where the consumer makes the decision to buy. At this point, they know what they want and are using keywords in search engines to find that specific item.

Another key component to the success that long tail keywords can provide has to do with who is optimizing for them. These very specific multi-word keywords are much easier for you to rank well using because most businesses are targeting high traffic keywords. The more specific you are, the less the competition.


How You Can Implement Long Tail Keywords

The point of long tail keywords is to optimize pages for them because they rank easier and because they provide you with consumers looking to buy (not research) a product. To utilize them, consider the following.

On-page content is necessary to utilize and achieve results with long tail keywords.
You will also need inbound links to that content.
Keep content evergreen as much as possible.
The content must provide for all of the possible questions the consumer may have at this point in the buying process to keep them on the page.
Maintain a timeless quality within the content. It must maintain relevance long term.
In terms of inbound links, it becomes important to utilize them, but just a few exact matches are necessary. Inbound links must be on pages where visitors will actually click on them. This can ultimately be a defining component to the process. Having the link alone isn’t enough. You need people to actual click on those links. Right now, it is very important for those links to be on pages that generate traffic as it is ensuring an exact match anchor text. More to this point, if you obtain a non-descript URL type of link is just fine as long as it is on a topical-relevant page that can send you traffic.

More specifically, your goal is to get links on web pages that can send traffic on their own. That’s key right now after Penguin and Panda Google changes. In other words, links on the sidebar or footer, or in other places that no one actually clicks will lead not only to problems with your site but even the potential for penalty. Rather, your links on pages that send you traffic help Google and Bing to see that traffic. The presence of this type of link is highly valuable in the search engine’s eyes. Check out how bad links can hurt you before you place them.

Every page you use for long tail keyword optimization must have:

A unique title
Description meta tag
H1 header tag
Content referencing the keyword
Each of these components must utilize the long tail keyword phrase. High-value content along with keyword usage like this creates consumer-attention-grabbing content that ranks well. If you need a refresher, check out this SEO audit checklist.

Only One Product Page but Numerous Phrases? Here’s What to Do

If you only have one product page, but you want to target numerous phrases, you’ll need to focus on User Generated Content (UGC) as well as Social Sharing. UGC is perhaps one of the best options for adding more content to these pages. This may include reviews that can be indexed on a product page. This allows for the addition of quality topic-related content to the page, which may provide better access to keyword variations. Search engines, especially Google, likes UGC on pages, of course.

Next, consider social sharing. Using a Facebook Like/Share button for example, along with other social media icons such as Google + buttons, can work very well. They work to amplify your traffic. When a consumer uses one of these buttons, all of that consumer’s friends now learn about the product. When a consumer is looking for what their friends are buying or sharing, their search reveals your page where they “liked” the content. This is a high powered tool in driving traffic to your website.

Use Open Graph tags on your page if you plan to use these social tools. This will help ensure your product or service looks right when shared by those consumers. It also helps by allowing you to take full advantage of Facebook Author Tags.

It is also valuable to implement Structured Data Tags at this point. This may include listings that show user ratings or other enhanced search results. This will indicate a higher level of click-throughs from search results. You really need to focus on this since structured data is being used by Google as a ranking component.

Is There a Downside?

Using long tail keywords is ideal in many cases, but over-using them can become a problem. If you focus too much of your effort on them, the phrases become too specific. This means you may not get the right level of traffic to sustain your efforts from a profit point-of-view. A better option is to have content that is more general in natural such as using a blog with product details or services that create content people actually want to share.

Have a few pages of your site that send large amounts of traffic that is less targeted.
Incorporate a larger amount of pages that provide a highly targeted traffic.
Here’s the question to answer:

Do you want to rank well in the search engines for a single keyword that sends you about 1,000 visitors each day or do you want to have a large number of keywords in which half sent you a single buyer each day? Specifically, having a hundred or so buyers every day is better than having 1,000 visitors each day doing only research. The use of those long tail keywords is powerful because these are people at the point of making a purchase. It leads to more sales.

Social Networks Can Help You

Social networks such as Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are highly powerful tools for generating a great deal of traffic. This is where the conversation happens. Many consumers ask their friends for recommendations and insight. They hold those opinions of friends in high regard, too, when making buying decisions.

When doing your research for long tail keywords, you need to use social networks to see what people are saying when they are talking about the product. Find forums on the topic, Facebook Groups focused on the topic or even follow experts or associations on the topic/product/industry on Twitter. This can provide you with more buyer insight in terms of what matters when they make that buying decision. It sheds light on hot topics in the industry and gives you a bit more of an edge in terms of understanding what happens during the buying process.

Research Remains Highly Effective and Necessary

Researching keywords is essential to determine which you will rank for based on competition. However, as mentioned, you need the in-depth knowledge of the industry to help lead the way in terms of knowing what the consumer wants and expects to make a buying decision (or what leads them to type what they want into search engines.)

Estimates indicate that about 70 percent of consumers use highly detailed online research before they make even small buying decisions. You need to tap into that research to draw in those buyers. To help you with the research, check out this report on keyword targeting campaigns with free keyword research tools to use. And, check out the tips and tools you need to blog like a pro.

As we’ve showcased here, that 15% of long tail keywords matters. If you are using it properly, along with the tools and research indicated here, there is no doubt you will do well in the sales – not just the research – these keywords can offer to your website and product.
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Gone Google: The Removal of Side Ads Much Ado About Nothing?

When Google recently confirmed it was ridding the universe of text ads on the right hand side (RHS) of desktop search results pages (SERPs)—something it had been testing for some time—the news was met in some marketing circles with near apoplexy. Would it change civilization as we know it? Would the world reverse its direction? Would cats sleep with dogs, and not just in the occasional YouTube video?

The answers are nope, not yet, and how can you tell the difference? However, it’s still early in LARHSA (Life After Right Hand Side Ads), and all results carry a disclaimer of “so far.”

First, a quick review of the changes: Desktop searches now look a lot more like mobile SERPs, which already had the cleaner look. Now, there may appear up to four ads at the top of the page. Ads continue below organic results, again at the top of the next page and so on. Therefore, the right side is now clean real estate, except for occasional Product Listing Ads (PLAs). The other exception is Knowledge Graphs, which will appear on specific searches. For example, searching “sliced bread” generates a panel with images of the aforementioned bread in sliced form and data on how awesome sliced bread is.

It’s way too early to tell what the ultimate impact of the desktop SERP change will be. However, there is no reason to panic, yet. Here’s what we do know:

RHS ads were not all that
There is an old Dan Hicks song called How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away? Now that text ads on the right hand side have ridden off into the sunset, we may not miss them after all. As you would expect, text ads at the top of the page are benefiting from the removal of their RHS compatriots. However, text ads on the right side generated only a small portion of traffic—less than ten percent according to some research—compared to 90 percent or more for those above organic results. It’s like when your stove stops working, and you realize you only use the microwave anyway.

CPCs holding steady
One legitimate concern with the desktop SERP change concerned whether it would drive up click costs. Everyone will vie for the top three or four spots above organic results, the theory goes, and that will cause a bidding war. That could happen, but it hasn’t yet. Those top ads are driving a higher percentage of clicks, but the cost of those positions has risen very little. Desktop CPC budgets remain stable, and there is no reason to ask your rich uncle for a loan.

PLAs playing nice
PLAs are those product placements that appear occasionally on the right and give more details, such as images and prices. One would expect PLAs to benefit from the SERP changes because they no longer have to fight with text ads for space on the right. But they are also showing up more at the top of the page, which proves even more value to digital marketers who employ them.

Fourth ads not yet ubiquitous
Google says a fourth text ad will only appear above the organic results when a search is for what it calls a highly commercial query. Google gets to decide what that means, but think searches like “vegan bakeries in Portland,” or “BBQ in Kansas City.” A significant portion of searches will still produce three text ads at the top. Sometimes, you may see fewer, such as “vegan bakeries in Kansas City,” which, to no surprise, produces no ads.

Minimal SEO impact
Removal of RHS ads has had little impact on SEO. Organic results are about the same as before the switch. Though other factors may contribute, one marketer of SAAS software reports a double-digit increase in organic results in March. This may be a good time to review organic keywords to make sure they’re even more precisely targeted.

What comes next
It is still too early to know how the removal of text ads on the right will affect desktop marketing. The best approach now is to stay calm and market on. Watch closely how ads perform in the new layout. Keep a close eye on SEO. Take a deep breath. You know Google is always tweaking, and there is no reason to believe they will stop now. Whatever else happens, the sun will still rise tomorrow in the east.

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Pay with BluePay


Net Studios' customers can make payments at the click of a mouse with BluePay. BluePay has been in business since 2002 and is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. All major credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments are accepted, and the account verification process is quick and secure. The interface is easy to use, and there's even a mobile interface for those who need to pay while on the go.

BluePay: A Payment Processing Solution for Any Business
Whether you have simple or complex needs, BluePay has a payment processing service that will work for your customers. Keeping customer data secure is a number one priority with BluePay. That's what makes them the top provider of technology-enabled credit card processing services. They can meet the individual needs of any business - large or small.

Payment Options for Every Business: BluePay's highly skilled team of professionals can help your business achieve its goals and objectives with a safe, simple, low-cost payment solution. With expertise in a variety of payment processing solutions, the staff at BluePay can accomplish any of the following:

create a safe e-commerce payment process for small businesses
adjust tab transfers and gratuity, so they are less complicated for restaurants
execute more thorough reporting for B2B merchants
A Tailored Approach: No matter what industry you're in (government, restaurant, small business, corporate, wireless, and many more), BluePay has a payment processing solution tailored for your business.

BluePay: Top Protection for Customers' Data
Your customers can feel secure shopping online. Leading in encryption and data security, Blue Pay provides safe online payment solutions for a broad range of businesses.

Anti-Fraud Tools, Tools for Merchants, and More: You'll experience top-notch data security with credit card processing that is PCI-compliant. This provides customers with an extra layer of protection, lowering the risk of fraud and minimizing your company's liability. Your transactions are secure.

Data Protection Through Secure Services: BluePay customers can rely on the BluePay devotion to data security. Customer data is well protected and businesses can count on BluePay's dedication to data protection. Customers who use BluePay will have no worries of theft or credit card fraud, since their data is exceptionally secure.

Continual Security Updates: BluePay updates their system on a regular basis to stay on the cutting edge in the merchant payment processing business. These technology updates transfer to your business and your customers, so you won't fall behind in the ever-changing world of technology.

BluePay: Cost Savings for You
With no initial fee for setup and no middle man, BluePay is a payment processing solution that can benefit any business. Many other similar services have those extra fees that you just won't find with BluePay. It's really easy to get started, and Net Studios' customers will appreciate the individualization and ease of use that their company experiences with BluePay.

Ready to consult?
If you're ready to build your customer base, it's time to consult with us. To get started, submit an application. Your company will be interviewed prior to approval. Or if you have further questions, simply contact us. With our highly qualified marketing experts, you'll quickly learn what is working, what is not working, and increase your profit!

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If your company does not rank number one in the local market, then it's time to utilize Return on Investment (ROI) focused marketing solutions that are driven by data analytics.

Net Studios is a full-service marketing company that specializes in local business. With a reputation for delivering results, we have over 18 years of experience and have even worked with Fortune 500 companies.

The marketing experts at Net Studios will develop a plan for your business that will not only increase your profits but also expand your business every year.

ROI Focused Marketing Solutions

With all the developments in technology today, every business should have marketing based on data. It's critical to the success of the business to capture as many data points as possible. That data should then be monitored on a daily basis to drive marketing decisions.

At Net Studios, our staff has expertise in doing all these things. Using data-driven ROI focused marketing solutions, we will develop a complete growth strategy plan from inception to completion. Your business' plan will include web design, content, development, digital marketing and more. Take a closer look at six of the areas that our professional staff can assist you with.

ROI Websites: Learn all about your website visitors using our proprietary data technologies. You'll get a key analysis of the data for not only your business but also for your competition.

Local PPC Marketing: A well-designed online marketing strategy and website design tailored for your company can produce the leads to increase your sales and profits and establish your company as the industry's leading local authority.

Local SEO Marketing: Rank higher in organic search results by utilizing our local SEO service. Convert more sales by increasing visibility on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Local Re-Marketing Ads: Motivate prospective customers to purchase from your company when they are researching their buying decisions, by ensuring that your brand stays in front of the competition.

Analytics and Tracking: Gain the power to view every online and offline marketing channel to determine what's working and what's not working.

Marketing On-Demand: Just as the name implies, you'll get on-demand access to experts in the field of marketing, design, and development, as well as writers and consultants.

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