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'Focus' Lo Tide Feat. Carolyn
I'm so excited to finally share the news with you. Myself and Sam Grieve of Lo Tide in Australia collaborated on another song and created a video also! Some of you will remember that I did a call out looking for people to send me videos. This is the fruit o...

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Want to be in a Music Video?
In this
music video you would need to simply record a 20 second video of you
holding up a sign (or it can be written on your hand etc.) with either
one word or a few words about what your ultimate life goal is or what
your current goal in life is. It mu...

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#LeCrunchSongs Competiton 2017
This year I am excited to announce that I have entered the Le Crunch Apples Competition 2017! You simply upload a video where you are covering a song and I have chosen 'Summertime'. It is one of my all time favourite songs, I sung it as a child (for some re...

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A trip down memory lane...
It's been 10 months since I have posted up here. This isn't what I had planned, I promise. But I won't fool you into thinking it is for any greater purpose. Truth be told, there hasn't been a massive amount of musical happenings, or at least anything that I...

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'Hurricane' - Carolyn (DEMO)
The day has come to bite the bullet and start putting out original songs. I'm marking them as DEMOS, I'm not a pro at ProTools and recording and I'm not a pro at all at playing instruments, singing and writing are my thing. SO this is just to give an exampl...

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'Dark Scenery' - Roger Doyle feat. Carolyn
Roger Doyle playing live in the Union Chapel, London  23/01/16 Not too long ago, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Roger Doyle. A composer, keyboardist and producer of his own work, Roger has a pretty incredible career journey which is evident in t...

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'Flow' - LoTide feat. Carolyn
A project I worked on was released a few months back. I worked with the lovely Sam Grieve, known musically as Lo Tide from Tasmania in Australia. It was a really interesting project to work on for many reasons. Firstly the genre was completely out of my com...

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Debut Photoshoot
My debut photo shoot was thought out and planned for ages. For stage, I would go all out with full make up etc so the debut photo shoot originally was going to fall in line with that. My other half, Stephen Dunne is amazing with a camera and he agreed that ...

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So it begins..
Hi all!  Welcome to my blog.. again.. sort of! I am so excited to finally start this up for the purpose in which Stereo Velvet was intended. Some of you will already be familiar with Stereo Velvet as I had been blogging about various things such as beauty a...

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