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#ifihadglass - first off I'd wear it every day at one of the busiest malls in the u.s. where I do my job with T-Mobile and make it look sexier than my nexus 4 strapped to my head. Second I'd take it on my six weeks of mandatory vacation to Vegas and Europe to document our adventure as my girlfriend becomes fiancee as we on embark on our new life together. Maybe even pop the question with them on.. I'd show her what she's missed in Vegas all these years and set new sites toward our European exploration through Italy, Greece, and the Mediterranean (all after a short recovery period of course.)

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Didn't know I got such a good rate until I compared online to other extra storage space and this location comes up the cheapest. Best service and price and clean facility. I'm guessing it's because they don't have many units being used our something like that. Great deal for 15x15 although pay attention to your code and follow procedure properly when selecting elevator as you can only use code on one elevator after it comes down and opens. I didn't pay attention to that or they didn't explain that and I saw other people getting confused thinking elevator was broken. Overall great deal and would drive a little bit to save money and get clean place as this is my first storage rental so I don't want to try somewhere else now that I'm leaving.
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