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Joe Carrier
Follower of Jesus Christ; an eternal optimist
Follower of Jesus Christ; an eternal optimist


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Notom-Bullfrog Road Through The Waterpocket Fold
The Notom-Bullfrog Road trail road runs through both public (Capital Reef NP) and private land owners.  While encamped at CRNP we took a day and made it a Jeep ride.  From  The paved road that connects Capitol Reef to the outside world is Ut...

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Cedar Breaks & Capital Reef NM/NP, Utah
Last time we were here, we didn't have time to visit this place.  After all, at over 10,000 feet, I have a little trouble sometimes at this level.  There isn't a lot to see here, other than this one depression out the back window of the visitor's center.  F...

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Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
This is our second trip to this magnificent national treasure.  We are just in awe of this natural geological wonder, exceeded perhaps only by the Grand Canyon. These pics really need little commentary, so I will just let them do most of the talking. From W...

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Grand Canyon National Park Blog 2
OK, Blog #2 of our time at the GCNP began with a drive up to Point Imperial.  Again, we have a lot of pics, so I'll keep comments to just a few words,  I hope you enjoy the pics as much as we did taking them.  Some of these overlooks (below) were breath tak...

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Grand Canyon National Park Blog 1
Well, this was our fourth visit to one of our all time favorite places in North America over the past five years.  And as usual, we took several hundred photos as we camped out at Jacob Lake on the North Rim side for four days.  I will attempt to keep my co...

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Glen Canyon Dam and Page, AZ
OK, I gotta let you know something about the next several pics.  Nancy took most of them with her Sony digital, from the coach, through the front window as we rolling on our way to Page, AZ from St. George, UT.  So, our disclaimer is they may not be our bet...

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Pipe Spring National Monument, AZ
From Wiki:   Pipe Spring National Monument is a United States National Monument located in the Arizona, rich with American Indian , early explorer, and Mormon pioneer history. Administered by the National Park Service , Pipe Spring was listed on the Nationa...

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Reno to Goldfield via Tonapah, NV
After leaving Reno, we drove to a little town in the middle of Nevada, Tonopah.  We had been here before, but just drove through before.  We stayed a night here and just parked at one of the little truck restaurant/stores on the outskirts just south of town...

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Virginia City and Reno Hot August Nights
OK, while we volunteered at the 2015 Barracuda Championship, a PGA Tour event in Reno, we did a little running around and sight seeing. These wild horses were everywhere around the hotel in Carson City.  We were told to keep our distance as the stallions we...

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Covered Bridges Western Oregon
While in Coburg, OR, we took a couple of day trips looking at some neat covered bridges in the western Oregon area, but within an hour or so drive from Eugene, OR. Here is a site that lists the many bridges in the Willamette Valley region if you're ever in ...
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