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Foodbank Queensland
Foodbank is a non-profit, charitable organization that seeks and redistributes surplus food to help feed the hungry.
Foodbank is a non-profit, charitable organization that seeks and redistributes surplus food to help feed the hungry.

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Foodbank started in 1996 feeding homeless people in the Valley.  Now the majority of our customers are the 'working poor'.  People whho are working but at the end of the week they just dont have enough money to put food on the table.

The key to Foodbank's success is the turn over of food. General Manager Ken McMillan says, "We get it in and we get it out, we've got to get in someone's stomach as quickly as possible.

Foodbank's thousand-pallet warehouse in Morningside, Brisbane acts as the focal point for the distribution network of a huge variety of charities such as soup kitchens, street vans, the Salvation Army, the YMCA, Meals on Wheels, Red Cross, Wesley Mission and Mission Australia.

Part of a federation, Foodbank has a division in each state all of which utilise the same sort of operation.  National donations are shared, especially in times of emergency, such as the Brisbane or Victorian floods and Cyclone Yasi in 2011.

General Manager, Ken McMillan says Foodbank's greatest challenge is not knowing what is coming in on the next truck.
"We're not order takers, we don't order inventory, we live off donations," he explains.  "Last week was a classic example: Monday to Thursday we only got about 20 tonnes a day and then on Friday we got over 100 tonnes in one day.  That's how it works."

"The concept of Foodbank is as simple today as it was in 1996, It is to feed people by redistributing surplus food," said General Manager Ken McMillan.

Foodbank and the food manufacturer identify an appropriate high priority product from the manufacturer's current range.

The humble apple contains an impressive list of photo-nutrients and anti-oxidents, essential for normal growth and development and overall wellbeing.  Apples are high in fibre but contain no saturated fats or cholesterol. They're also an essential ingredient in apple crumble!

Did you know? People with disabilities, pensioners and the working poor increasingly need help.

"We at the Salvation Army value partnerships, because it's in coming together that we can make a difference.  We really appreciate Foodbank and all the companies that support you to enable valuable donations to happen.  Food is something that brings people together, it creates a connection point.  It is not just about a donation of food, it is about lives being changed, hope been given," Major Robbin Moulds of the Salvation Army.
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