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Scribe of novels about Ancient Egypt
Scribe of novels about Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt June 20
A Pharaoh’s Massive Tomb Unveiled The tomb features sloping passages between chambers.  Courtesy Josef Wegner and the Penn Museum The tomb of King Senwosret III, one of the most renowned pharaohs of ancient Egypt’s Middle Kingdom, is expected to open to the...

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Video Friday: The Sphinx
Today, some videos of one the most iconic statues in the world. Riddle of the Spinx in Russian If the subtitles don't appear, run your cusor along the bottom of the screen and click the CC icon shown below. Although  the translation, I grant you, is odd, th...

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Ancient Egypt June 12
Manchester Museum reviews The Mummy Mummy movies play an undeniably powerful role in feeding (pre)conceptions about ancient Egypt among the general public, particularly for museum-goers. In my experience of working with school groups in the last ten years, ...

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Ancient Egypt June 5
Ancient Egyptians Collected Fossils Ancient Egyptian worshippers of Set, god of darkness and chaos, collected fossils of extinct beasts by the thousands. From 1300 and 1200 BC, nearly three tons of heavy, black fossils, polished by river sands, were brought...

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May Reads
I had a lot of trouble finding books to read this month. Well, not so much finding books, but finishing books, perhaps. I started several, intrigued by both the premise and the first chapter, which I read via Amazon's Look Inside feature. Somewhere around t...

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Ancient Egypt for MAY 29
Cleopatra’ TV Series In the Works At Amazon From ‘Black Sails’ Team Amazon Studios has put in development Cleopatra, a drama series about the famous Egyptian queen, I have learned. The project hails from the Black Sails trio of co-creators/executive produce...

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Ancient Egypt this week: Sing, study, explore, but be polite
Recently discovered antiquities exhibited for the first time at Luxor museum Instead of storing the recently discovered antiquities as it would usually happen, the ministry of antiquities decided to temporary exhibit a collection of the antiquities discover...

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Video Friday: Temples and Tombs
I saw several tombs and temples on my January visit. I was privileged to see the recently opened (to the public) tombs of Nefertari and Seti I and to return to the beautiful Temple at Abydos. While nothing compares with actually visiting these sites, here a...

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Ancient Egypt this week: Gardens, Tombs, and Galleries
Ministry announces 18 mummies discovered in central Egypt CAIRO – 13 May 2017: Archaeologists at Cairo University have discovered catacombs including 18 non-royal mummies in Minya governorate, south of Cairo, Antiquities Minister Khaled Anani announced on S...

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Chasing Magic: A review
Having spent a fair amount of time researching magical systems for my own books, Queen of Heka and Reeds of Times , the topic holds genuine interest for me. Moreover, I'm always interested in how other writers incorporate it in their works without resorting...
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