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Because I live in America, pay taxes in America, and vote in pretty much ever important US election (I may have missed a couple of small municipal special elections) since turning 18 40 years ago, I study the candidates and the issues as if they have a direct impact on my daily life and business. They do. I am a classic "swing" voter, meaning I have voted for both major parties at various times, and have been registered officially as Independent and Green, as well as Republican or Democrat. Whenever a party's leadership complete me appalls me (as the Dems are this year with their ridiculous promotion of the moribund Clinton-Abedin-Weiner candidacy), I basically turn the other way. 

I am inclined to give Donald J. Trump the benefit of the doubt. I never watched his TV shows, but I am now reading his books. They are good books, well written, and certainly not racist. There is nothing extreme in them.

The chilling attempts to smear Trump with comparisons to Hitler only show how profoundly ignorance has become entrenched across the US media professions, and how many of its members have completely forgotten that they have a professional obligation to remain above the fray. A journalist's vote does not count more than mine. They are not supposed to sling mud alongside the candidates. 

Europeans remember Hitler, and how many people he killed, how many the Gestapo tortured, how many soldiers died fighting the Wehrmacht, how many cities were reduced to dust. All that treasure up in smoke to stop one extremely insane sadistic megalomaniac from taking over the entire world, which was his demented dream. Comparing Trump to that level of criminality is an injustice not only to Trump, but even more so to all those humans who died because Hitler seized power. 

Trump is not nearly of that scale, nor is he anyone who would actually kill someone. He may be talking of resorting to torture in the war against terrorism, but frankly, that is just an opinion, and it is one I have heard voiced by plenty of individuals in the military and security services of a variety of nations. I am tsk-tsked any time I compare either Putin or Assad to Hitler: both of those men actually do much worse than Trump talks about, on a daily basis. Only consider the plight of Nadia Savchenko, a soldier being tried by Putin for 'murder' for the simple reason that she is female, and a skilled pilot. 

Trump is of course not from that set at all. He is a 100% undiluted Utilitarian of the John Stuart Mill school, and a capitalist. He is a successful businessman, whose success cannot be denied, nor diminished by any trivial attacks by groups of malcontents. And because he has actually done something that I, as a business owner, happen to know takes a lot more effort and skill than showing up to make a speech, ask questions, vote and legislate, I am willing to give him the benefit doubt.

Because, like every other Trump-supporting American, what I am really saying in this is not at all that "white people are superior to others" -- I don't believe that -- but that things have gone terribly wrong in America of late, and it is very hard to imagine how they could possibly get any worse. 

Please, people who do not define yourselves as 'white': Americans of European ancestry, Caucasians, "white folks" (I have always found the term, 'white,' very strange because of course no one is actually 'white' just as no one is ever 'black') Are Also People. They have a right to vote. They have a right to have their own views. You can't just call everyone who is not of your particular ideology "a racist"! The Truth does matter!

Both the GOP and the Democrats had 4 years to come up with some really great candidates. They failed to come up with anyone interesting, and instead declared that we were to be content with a choice between Jeb! or Hillary. Well, maybe next time party leaders will take their obligations a little more seriously.

To definitively put to rest the myth of "Racist" Trumo supporters, just visit YouTube and have a look at Diamond and Silk's TABLE TALK: EPISODE 17 content. They will set you straight.

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The fact that there are members of the Russian Government who support Tymoshenko for PM of Ukraine is precisely the reason that will never happen. No more filthy "business-as-usual" Soviet gangster style for Ukraine. No more corrupt clans in power. No more Leninism. No more lies about the past. No more grasping dictators who need to amass fortunes of the kind Michael Bloomberg gained through a lifetime honest hard work -- but that they want to have overnight, by killing, thieving, looting and racketeering. The full story of who runs all those international sex-slave networks is yet to be told. There will be a crackdown on every form of slavery, criminality and brutality all across Ukraine. Free the children being trafficked to paedophile panderers for porn and abuse!

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As all the leaders and key figures from all sides and in every corner of the world know, the numbers are on the side of the protestors in Ukraine demanding an immediate resignation from Yanukovich; time is also on their side. Let's see whether the tail wags the dog. Pray for peace, whatever happens… But remain vigilant. Neither can Russia or Russians afford to be dragged into any bloody mess just to appease Putin's ego. By Soviet standards, he is an old man. His brain doesn't crank as quickly as it used to. His back seizes up. He so wants an easy and peaceful retirement… But he can't have it, if he keeps making massive mistakes!

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As more military chiefs in Ukraine resign in protest at demands they suppress protests, it becomes more clear that a brutal massive military intervention is being envisioned by the team Putin sent to pressure Yanukovich to "fight back, only harder." This greatly increases the probability of an all-out civil war exploding in the region… Need I reming anyone of how many people would get hurt? USE ALL AVAILABLE MEANS AND CONTACTS YOU HAVE TO CONVEY AN UNAMBIGUOUS MESSAGE TO VLADIMIR PUTIN THAT HIS STRATEGY IS DOOMED...

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Any extravagant overreaction by Crimeans will only plunge Ukraine into civil war -- a civil war that could easily spill over into Russia itself… There is a robust independence movement in Kuban, you know? Any Kremlin-sponsored foolishness is only bound to backfire, leading to deepening economic distress, property damage & risk to human life… IF YOU KNOW ANYONE IN THE RUSSIAN POWER ELITES, FROM ROMAN ABRAMOVICH TO PUTIN OR LAVROV TO THE CRIMEAN PROVINCIALS THEMSELVES, GET IN TOUCH AND TELL THEM TO KEEP THEIR HEADS DOWN AND RIDE OUT THE STORM, INSTEAD OF ADDING FUEL TO THE FIRE! IDIOTS!!!!

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Incisive and coherent analysis… time to insist on free & fair early elections across Ukraine.
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