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Hello! I'm trying get the custom URL for my business page and YouTube channel. I've verified and linked our website to the G+ Page and YouTube channel. In the settings, I see the "you're eligible for a custom url" link, but when I try to claim the url, it says that "Many people have the same name. Add a few extra letters or numbers to make this URL unique to you." The URL I'm trying to claim is

Unfortunately, when the person before me tried to set this up, it seems he foobar'd the system by having that url point at his personal G+ profile. In addition, attempting to go to tries to redirect to his youtube channel. I've had him delete both his G+ profile and Youtube Channel, but I still can't claim the URL. Searching for Brazen Animation on G+ still shows 3 results. The first is a duplicate page that someone created, which I've deleted. Clicking on that result returns a 404. The second result is the proper "official" page that needs the custom URL. The third result was a profile someone created with one of our social media email accounts that I've also deleted. It also returns a 404.

As far as I can tell, the page at is the only "Brazen Animation" left. Can anyone help me to claim this URL? It would be DEEPLY appreciated. Thanks!

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It's fun to see computational theory in the news. Edit Distance is going to get some more attention after this announcement. So what do you think? Will we ever find out if P equals NP?

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Between this and the free version of Fusion, Nuke is getting some good competition.
Natron 2.0, an open-source video FX compositing program, is reported to be released in a few days. Awesome stuff.

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Morgan Strong commented on a post on Blogger.
So, I've figured out your problem, if you happen to still be looking for a solution (or perhaps this will just be beneficial to future hackermeter folks).

It's not so much with your algorithm, but with your Python.
"del g[last]" does not remove 'last' from your dictionary.  For that you need "g.pop(last, None)"

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A Python metaclass that allows for easy creation of 'public' static 'read-only' properties by storing '_' prefixed members on the metaclass.  Inspired by

The main purpose of this snippet is to provide Read-Only class constants in Python.  Yes, I'm aware that this goes against most Pythonic mantras, but it never hurts to prevent the occasional '=' vs. '==' typo.

Let me know if you find this useful!

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A moment of silence as we remember those who have fought the good fight so that all may write "print 'hello world'" in peace...

If you don't find this hilarious, your programming life has been too easy.

And you're boring.

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Another bit of amazing research to be shown at SIGGRAPH!
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