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Google Compute Engine. OK. Deets, please. #io12

#IO12 demo: Dudes wearing Google glasses skydive onto venue, BMX along roof, repel down side, and cycle onto keynote stage.

Not exactly #Avengers, but as tech demos go, #EPIC. Kinda seems like there was a brainstorm at Google that began, "OK, we need something Apple can't do in Keynote..."

Huh. I wonder if #nexus7  will keep the, "more human than human" tag line from the #nexus6  line. #io12  

Twitter just went "Over Capacity" just as IO Keynote starting.  #io12   #coincidence  ? 

Ever have an old friend try to reconnect, but you're sort of reluctant because they've kinda become a self-defeating screwup? #yahoo #axis

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Hey #NC friends! Please, please go #voteagainst #amendment1 today. Hate does not belong in the Constitution.

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The #CFPB has announced a new policy. They'll prefer software with open source code and open licenses over closed commercial software, and when they write (or pay someone to write) code with taxpayer dollars, they'll share that code with the public for free.

Kinda digging the new Google+.
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