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Canada's Last Penny - Final cent is struck in Winnipeg on Friday as Canadian penny gets killed. Prepare to start rounding up / down at the cash register!

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Great post in +Fast Company by +Aaron Shapiro of +Huge ...

"Stop Blabbing About Innovation And Start Actually Doing It !"

... a call to action not just for businesses but for those of us in the public sector too. Provocative title but some great practical tips for moving innovation initiatives forward.

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Electric cars are silent. That could be a safety hazard for pedestrians since they may not hear an electric car approaching. Check out how +Audi International's sound engineers are creating a distinctive sound for their upcoming e-tron electric cars (including an electric version of the R8 supercar).

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Great story in +itworldcanada about the City of Edmonton's move to the +Google Enterprise suite for its workers ... the first city it Canada (and one of the first in the world) to do this.

Also, listen to this (audio) interview on CBC Edmonton for a quick overview of the project ...

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The City of Edmonton becomes the first major Canadian municipality to switch it's employees to Gmail and the +Google Enterprise suite of cloud-based apps.

Congrats to +Chris Moore and his team!

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Thank you +David Strom for reminding me about the great short film "Powers of 10" by Charles & Ray Eames.

In Canada, there was a similar movie released by the National Film Board called "Cosmic Zoom" that starts from the perspective of a boy rowing a boat on the Ottawa River (rather than from the perspective of a couple having a lakeside picnic in Chicago). Both movies were originally released in 1968 so I'm not sure which movie came first.

I too recall being mesmerized by the movie and especially by the concept of first zooming out into the vastness of space and then zooming down into the realm of the microscopic.

Here are the links to both movies (very similar) ...

Powers of Ten™ (1977) ... "Powers of Ten" ... "Cosmic Zoom

Both are awesome in their own right but I have to admit ... I like the American movie better since it explains exactly what is happening at each stage.

I will be showing these films to my kids tonight. Hope they get mesmerized in some small way too. Not easy to do in these days of CGI effects!

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I continue to be amazed at the genius cartooning skills of Gavin Aung Than of Three times a week this young Melbourne artist picks out an inspirational quote from famous people and puts the message, as he sees it, to pen and paper. I particularly like this week's cartoon revolving around a quote from Edgar Mitchell a +NASA astronaut who was the sixth man to walk on the moon via Apollo 14 back in 1971.

Follow Gavin here on Google+ at +Gavin Aung Than or on Twitter at @zenpencils. Keep then coming Gavin! You will go far.

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The new "Hollywood of Gaming?" How Montreal has become a major game-development hotspot ...

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Check out the underground 'Robot Library' at the University of Chicago. It requires just one-seventh the space of a regular library.

Source: "How it Works" in Popular Science / +PopSci

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Think that reading books is on the decline because of the Internet? Think again ...
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