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The "Toddfather" Collector

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More Than Cards
It's now time to take a sigh of relief. This is the last of my vacation haul posts. What better way to end than with out favorite players? That's right. I said "our". You know what that means...Ashley gets included in a post! You didn't think I'd leave her ...

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Start It Up
Since beginning the process of reorganizing my collection, I've debated the idea of adding a few more players to collecting habits. And after a few minutes searching through nickel and dime boxes, I've decided to make it official. Time to start up a few new...

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The Finest Countdown
Last week, I shared the cards I purchased to help complete my set already started. Tonight, friends, I unveil the set I was able to start on my trip. I talked about how 2013 Finest was possibly my favorite sets from last year. Well, with a 20 cents box in f...

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Sets To Be Filled
What would a trip to a card show be without filling some gaping holes in my sets? A failure, that's what. Fortunately, failure is not in my vocabulary...or at least I don't say it loud enough when others are around. While no sets were finished in the making...

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Knocking on Completion's Door
Inching closer and closer and closer. That describes the long process for my 2013 Player Collection Project...and by the end of this post you will see exactly what I'm talking about. But before we go there, I must show you what I was able to swipe at my car...

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Can't Close My Book
What would a sweet out-of-town card show and card store haul be without a few cards for my Player Collections? Terrible. That's what! But never the proof right here! Let's start with Joey Bats. Love the Gold Platinums and Bowman Hometown! Got a n...

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Beach City Rockies
Outside of Helton, Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez and maybe Larry Walker, it's difficult to find any other Rockies on this side of the country. Very few shops or even shows have a row, box or section dedicated to the boys of Denver. Needless to say, if I find ...

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Every Vacation Has to End
As you may have noticed, I took a short hiatus from blogging. This time, though, it was not due to negligence or lack of ideas; however, it was because Ashley and I went on vacation. No, we weren't gone for an entire three weeks, but we did have to plan and...

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Change It Up
I would like to take this time to announce that I have finish reorganizing my keeper sets!!! (For now, of course.) In accordance with such a joyous occasion, I've decided to change up a few things on the ole homepage. You will notice as you look to the righ...

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Rockies Gone Wild
Good evening ladies and gents. As you will recall (and if not scroll down a ways), I bought a blaster of Allen & Ginter a while back. In said blaster, I pulled a Mini Tim Lincecum hand-numbered /25. My first thought after realizing what I Adam a...
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