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On the other early adopter front, I have been playing with an HP TouchPad all week and am fairly impressed. The OS is elegant and not nearly as sluggish as reviews suggest. Interestingly, my two "test subjects" -- my seven year old son and his 18 year old babysitter, both like it better than the iPad. Both noted an appreciation for it running Flash and they thought the UI was "fun." HP will still need to do something to make it superior to the iPad (other than Flash which I suspect is losing share) in order to truly grab some of the market.

If it were my call, I would push the rather brilliant connection between WebOS phones and the TouchPad. Being able to "transfer" a web page or a call from phone to tablet simply by touching them is pretty cool.

I am liking Lion so far, but unhappy to have lost so much function in Chrome. It has forced me back to Safari, at least until Chrome is updated. I guess this is penance for early adoption. The move towards gesture interfaces is an interesting one and I suspect there will be a significant age divide on adoption and usage. My kids just jump on these features and act as though they are second nature. I suspect many "mature" users will continue to do a lot of mouse clicking.
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