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Think outside the box in this classic Sokoban game with all new modern puzzles.
Think outside the box in this classic Sokoban game with all new modern puzzles.

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Promotional Trailer for the upcoming version of Sokoban Online!

Read an official announcement regarding upcoming changes to Magnet Switches:

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The Haunted Mansion has appeared...just in time for Halloween. Puzzles credited to the great Jonathan Handojo

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Happy birthday to avid Sokoban puzzle designer Razorflame!

With the special birthday release of Ionic Catalysts XX his total puzzle counts rockets all the way to a staggering 74,197!
Play Ionic Catalysts XX here:

Read Sokoban Online's latest Facebook post titled "History and Beyond" at!

There may be some upcoming downtime within the next few days. We are upgrading our servers to prepare for something bigger and better.

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and followers!

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Looking for an easy, fun puzzle just to kill some of your time? Check out this masterpiece by Jorge Gloria!

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We're running a contest currently, but if you need some inspiration, check out this contest example!  Only 5 days left!

We bring you a minor update to Sokoban Online today! Here are some of the improvements:

- New and improved sounds that better suit the game.
- Sounds will stay muted across pages if you mute them
- You can no longer rate your own puzzles or tutorial puzzles.
- Members can choose to have their favorite puzzles shown to the public.
- Fixed incorrect pack orders for various packs.
- Fragile Floor/Hole animations are now faster and optionally can be disabled.
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