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Kate Zourkas
Inspiring others to look after themselves
Inspiring others to look after themselves


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Seeking Resilience From Within. A Mindful Approach To Managing Life's Challenges
presence, balance and stillness are all words we associate with
mindfulness. However, life is full of challenges and stressful situations, so how does mindfulness stack up when you need it the most?  I have used mindfulness to get me through some...

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Embrace Mindfulness At Work. Is Your Organisation Ready?
Do you think your business could survive without the health and wellbeing of your people?  I am a strong believer that healthy people are productive people. I can talk about this personally and I know a lot of people agree, that without your health you are ...

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Change Your Focus, Change Your Life
'One of the biggest lessons I have learnt in
my life so far is to focus on myself and worry less about what others think.
It's what I think of myself that matters the most!' Kate Zourkas Modern lives can be overwhelming and we can lose focus
easily. Since b...

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Mindfulness for HR Profressionals
The best HR professionals I know have an aurora of calm around them and  a super power like ability to glide through even the most stressful or complex situations.  So what do they do differently?   In a word, they are mindful.   I personally went into HR a...

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Restoring Balance in your Life
A few people ask me recently how to create better
balance in their lives. These people are managers and senior managers in very
successful organisations and they work very hard, they travel for work and
spend long hours in an office. These people are becomi...

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Habits of Highly Mindful People at Work
In my corporate career I work with many different types of people, and the mindful ones always stand out as they have an ease to how they approach their work, no matter how intense or stressful their job may be. They are usually likeable, calm, show resilie...

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