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A view of the complete Kalachakra Sand Mandala constructed for the 33rd Kalachakra Empowerment in Leh, Ladakh, J&K, India on July 8, 2014. (Photo by Manuel Bauer)
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and if it is possible, WHY HAVE I NOT FOUND IT AFTER LOOKING FOR 30 MINUTES?????????????
Ramsez Stamper's profile photo left, little house icon, mouse over on settings at the bottom. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and you'll find this.
Took me a whole 10 seconds to get there.
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if i had not been taken from one to a full SEVEN different school instructs, IN FOUR DIFFERENT STATES, i might have received the education my mind deserved, and i would UNDO THE UNIVERSE to undo the pain of all humans everywhere.

of all species EVER developed, we are the MOST EVIL and HATEFUL SELFISH creatures to ever waste resources; and AMERICANS and CAPITALISM MURDERED this PLANET in FEWER THAN 100 years.

i would undo this entire universe if i could locate our bubble in the quantum foam...

every day that i do not open my throat and let all of the blood out is a gift to my mother.

HOPE is the truest lie The Devil ever told: not that he does not exist, but that there is some miraculous means of comfort that will arrive if you deserve it, and work hard at being a "good person."

my entire life is proof of that lie.

Rachelle Greene

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Lahiri Makunda Lefrancois was one of the most amazing humans who EVER lived, and he is gone.
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if i could UNDOE THE UNIVERSE to avoid my OWN HORRIFIC EXISTENCE, i would do it in so small a moment that no human could MEASURE IT.

i would UNDO EXISTENCE OF EVERY SORT to undo my own pain.

#edwardleegreene   #edgreenebuda  
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Rachelle Greene

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i exist solely do that God can laugh His

no matter what i do; no matter what i sacrifice--without being asked, i get FUCKED.

God may love me; God may have a plan, but JOB does NOT have to be happy and GRATEFUL for getting fucked to prove [his] love.

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أحمد ديدات - رسالة لكل النصارى- تخاطب العقول قبل العواطف

just watch it n tell me or tell yourself rachelle

ps:you didnt disable the comments your bad :)

ps: this is my last internvention see u in another life rachelle
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i have begged for help from family members for years; i have begged people i have known for 30 years; i have begged God.

the votes are in, and i am out.

if my leaving G+ makes anyone unhappy that they will no longer be able to reach me (doubt ANYONE will notice or care), but my normal email addy is

this profile will remain up for a while.
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I've no idea what's going on, but I'll email sometime if you like?
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Rachelle Greene

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The Chruch of Latter Day Saints IS NOT IN ANY WAY CHRISTIAN, and that is a FACT.

1) if you have NO PENIS, you can NEVER reach the VIP-Lounge set up in the Seventh Level of Heaven--penis-people ONLY, please; oh, and P. Diddy? sorry, man, no MUD-PEOPLE allowed;

2) even if you are somehow a miraculously cloned female version of joseph fucking smith himself, and lead the most OBEDIENT, selfless life, delivering SEVEN more perfect MALE clones of that pedophile, not even your blessed, magical pussy will win entrance to that Seventh Level.

they break the FIRST COMMANDMENT by placing Joseph Smith above ALL OTHER GODS AND HUMANS.

the Mormon religion breaks the Fourth Commandment by Taking the Lord's Name in Vain, and LYING about being Christian, to convert MORONS and men who HATE WOMEN. 

while it is true that Judaism is founded in genocide, and all of Abraham's descendants will be hunted until they are all gone, Mormon is founded in GENOCIDE, SLAVERY, and PEDOPHILIA, period.

grow up people. this is just Scientology invented by a man too illiterate to write a sic-fi novel that became a monstrous tax shelter.

the "church" of Mormon is evil, period...and no, i am not a Democrat, and neither do i imagine any magic book of spells to be any more valid than any other.

Rachelle Greene

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i want to genuinely thank all of the people around the world and this evil nation for caring about me even a little bit.

i killed my fb account years ago because it proved to me how very little my family and life-long friends care about me.

soon i will also kill this profile, so i want you to all know how very grateful i am for your kindness.
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Please stay with us!

Rachelle Greene

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i pray i die soon.
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+Frederica Mussolini i hold TWO psychology degrees, and i was in university longer than most medical doctors. i sympathise, empathise, and objectively appreciate the fact the ervry human experiences their own personal Hell at some point (which is why i DESPISE group therapy, because they always devolve into some sort of horrific pain competition).

i do not wish to bore you, but my personal Hell is eclipsed only by women outside of the US and/or fortunate enough to have not been raped until they were 8 like me. my grandmother forced me to sleep in a small bedroom with two undersized twins with a cousin i had not seen since i was a baby, and who was 13--thirteen with pubic hair and descended testicles. after the FIRST night, i begged her to let me sleep on the couch; she called me ridiculous, and said being an only child with no father to discipline me had never taught me to respect my elders and NEVER question their commands.

there is so much more than that, and it continued until today.

thank you for trying to be of assistance, but my only assistance is +Tony Howard , and he pretends i do not exist.

i genuinely appreciate and am grateful for your concern, and agape.

Rachelle Greene

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+Mouad Ghostan simply because my truth does not fall into perfect alignment with what you believe to be the truth does not make it specious--which i assume your religious system is. (and i fully recognise the hypocrisy/irony of a Catholic bashing mistruth and ambiguity that pass as unquestioned truth. forgive my attempt at humour, i mean no real offence to you, or Mohammed (PBUH)) (there i go again, assuming you are a Muslim...forgive my impudence.)

i am a Roman Catholic who chose to complete the Catechism when i was 40 years old, and i am not seeking a husband at bingo games-i am celibate since 2000 CE. both my Godparents and mother neglected my eternal soul and tortured me with forcing me to church services filled with not only my own Catechised family (of all ages), but only about ten of us left for a humiliating hour while the GOOD people received the Eucharist--no one even explained anything to me.

Jesus is the ONLY role model throughout human history with a penis i recognise as having legitimate authority in my life (and God after this, because he is Allah, after all...), and just because i do not protest the funerals of gay people and make the worst day of their poor lives more miserable does not mean i do not believe in God.

if there is no God, where did the quantum foam come from?

but i thank you for wishing to be of help. (i forgot to disable comments; my bad.)

have a Blessed Day.

Rachelle Greene

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i know for a rect that NORHING happens bereft of cause.
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