#driveforlinux #grive I finally figured out how to modify the content of the existing file using the resumeable-edit-media link. The trick is to include a atom/xml content in the first PUT request. This way, the meta data of the file will be updated.

So it's getting close to the next release, in which 2-way sync will be supported. It has some limitation, though. If a file exists in local but not in remote server (or vice versa), much more work needs to be done to determine whether:

- the file is newly created in local, but not in server
- the file was in both local & server, but got deleted in server

If it's the first case, we should upload the file.
If it's the second case, we should delete the file.

I guess version 0.0.3 will just treat everything as case 1. It's safer because we don't destroy user data. Let's think of some way to solve it in 0.0.4.

See the commit in the attached link for details.
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