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Bug fixing

Merged a fix for issue #68 (sync issue).

Also updated code for issue #88 (2GB file support). Not directly merged. I copy the idea from indian4646 instead.

Now Grive will read the file block-by-block instead of reading the whole file to memory. It should be faster and use less memory. Also hopefully files >2GB should be OK even for 32bit systems.

I plan to release v0.2.1 soon. Also a bug fix release.
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It supports the new Drive REST API and it's alive :) and I promise not to just disappear :)
Any help to contact original maintainers is also appreciated, because I would like to move my support effort to the original repository.
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V0.2.0 branch created

In the previous post, I mentioned Grive is currently focusing on bug-fixing now. Well, it turns out that there are two new features got implemented "accidentally". That's why the next release will be called v0.2.0 instead of v0.1.2.

The first new feature is a new "--help" option to show all command line options that Grive understands. This is added because of huge user demand. It got raised as a bug in the github issue list. It would made me look like a jerk if I don't implement it right away.

The second new feature is a dry-run option that tells Grive to only print out what it wants to do instead of actually doing it. It is also added due to user demand. The biggest reason for adding this is because it is actually easier to fix the synchronization bugs with this. Grive will not update its state during a dry-run, so if there is a bug in the synchronization code, it will easily be reproducible in dry-runs.

I have made all the code changes for all the bug-fixes that goes to v0.2.0. If I got confirmation from the testers that the bug is really fixed, v0.2.0 will be released.

Finally, thanks to all the brave souls that try out Grive and submits bug reports!
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Postato da: +Gabriele Visconti 

Supporto alla sincronizzazione per Grive
Grive è un progetto open source che permette anche agli utenti Linux di accedere alle risorse di Google Drive, in attesa che Google rilasci il client ufficiale per questo sistema operativo.
+Lorenzo Breda che è parte del team di sviluppo di Grive, ci parla delle ultime interessanti novità che riguardano questo client e che faranno sicuramente felici tanti utenti Linux.

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oh bella, siete italiani... fico :)
ho un baco, dove ve lo apro? avete un bugtracker?

UPDATE: sono pirla, trovato :p
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It's been one day since v0.1.1 is released, and the bug reports does not flood like I expected. Looks like things have been settled a bit.

Right now my first priority is to fix bugs. Please feel free to submit bug reports in git hub:

That said, the master branch contains some crazier changes to clean up the code structure. This is for preparing the upcoming change: to keep grive runs as a daemon and sync all the way. The master branch only fixes two bugs: #56 and #54. Please try it out if you feel brave.

Thanks for everyone who report bugs and try out grive. Your support for the open source Google Drive client is invaluable.
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So it will run as a deamon? I won't need to manually start a sync?
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A couple of FAQs for Grive

I didn't make it up. I really was asked these quite frequently. Maybe I should put out a wiki page for these FAQs.

Q: Why didn't Grive download Google Doucments?
A: Currently I don't know of any easy way to do it. I personally don't use this feature so I am not keen to implement it in the near future. If you want it, you are more than welcome to implement it yourself and send patches!

Q: Why does Grive ignore files with a slash ('/') character in its filename?
A: Slash is the directory separator in Linux. It will be complicated and error prone to escape it in the local file system. It's just simpler to ignore it.

Q: How can I compile Grive from source?
A: Another good candidate for wiki pages. For now the best we have is the detailed instruction from JorgeB:!topic/grive-devel/m4hhudavJEk. It's for Linux Mint, but other distros are similar.

Q: Why doesn't you provide binary packages for distro X?
A: We will when we can find a maintainer. Want to help?

I have fixed a number of bugs today. If things stablize a bit in this weekend, we can have v0.1.1. We are going closer and closer to a beta release! Thanks for everyone who raise issues and help investigates them!

And yes, Grive always welcome contributions. We need help on the following:
- Updating the wiki to help new users
- Documentation: traditional man-page and a "grive -h" short help
- A better web site
- Packaging for distros
- Developers to hack code, fix bugs and add new features
- Unit testing

If you are interested, please join us in the Grive discussion group:!forum/grive-devel
Build instructions for Linux Mint 13 (Ubuntu 12), JorgeB, 6/5/12 4:32 PM, Hi, Just in case this may help someone, here are relatively easy build instructions for LInux Mint 13/Ubuntu 12. I don't c...
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Nothing ready to be pushed today

I have found some issues in v0.1.0. When you move around the files in Google Drive, Grive may be confused and think the file is removed and will trash it in Google Drive. I have found that the problem is due to time stamps: when the file is moved around in Google Drive, its "updated" time stamp is not changed. Grive will compare this time stamp with the "last sync" time (stored in .grive_state) and think that the file is removed in local by user after last sync. Grive will then remove the file in remote. This is wrong.

The fix is to pull the "changes" feed, which contain the changes to the files in Google Drive. The code to parse the changes feed and process it has not been finished yet. It is not ready to push to git right now. Although most people who runs Grive now are very brave, I can't afford to mess up their files.
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Grive v0.2.0 is released

Grive v0.2.0 is a bug fixed release. It fixes some important sync issues in v0.1.1.

Package maintainers please create the packages for your distro.

Many thanks for many contributors who help fixing bugs and improving Grive.
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Package maintainers wanted

Anyone volunteer to become package maintainers of your favorite distros? Please join in the discussion in the group in grive-devel at
Packages for the upcoming v0.2.0 release, Nestal Wan, 6/19/12 7:53 AM, Hi guys, As you may already read this post in google+, that Grive will soon have the v0.2.0 release. I would like to know if anyo...
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I can maintain the Ubuntu and openSUSE packages, BUT... the project seems dead. Nobody talks anymore and the lead developers are practising mutism.
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Progress on v0.1.2

Not much. I have been fixing bugs this week. I also added a --help option due to user demand (it was one of the "bugs" raised by users).

The biggest issue to date is the incorrect handling of renames and moves of folders in the Google Drive. If you move folders or rename the files using the Google Drive web interface, Grive may incorrectly "deletes" these files and folders in the Google Drive (by moving them to trash). Also, Grive does not correctly understand what happened when a user move a file from the trash to "My Drive".

AFAIK this is the only blocker to v0.1.2. I am able to reproduce the bug so it will be just a matter of time it got fixed.
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We have a new web site!

Many thanks to +Lorenzo Breda for setting up a dokuwiki site for Grive! It is now the official web site for Grive. The original site and wiki in github were removed.

This is a wiki site so everyone is welcome to contribute to the site. All you need is to register and you can start editing in seconds. Your help is very welcomed, as every second you save me from working on web sites, I can spend double on coding new features and fix bugs (because I am not good at doing web sites).

The topics that need our attentions are here:
- The installation page documents how to compile Grive. It's for Linux Mint right now and we'd better improve it to cater for other distros.
- The usage page briefly describe how to use Grive.

New release packages will be put in the web site.
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Would it be possible to support syncing just one Folder within Google Drive? The reason is that there are some large back-up files I have on drive which I don't want to sync, so being able to specify a remote folder would enable more control over what is synced. Thanks.
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Grive v0.1.1 is released!

This is a bug fix release. The list of bug fixed is:
- Fixed filename with special characters
- Fixed files started with dot in Google Drive
- Fixed deleting directory in Google Drive
- Switch from OpenSSL to LibGcrypt to avoid license issues
- Move the .trash subdirectory when "deleting" files
- Improved logging

Grive should be stable enough not to eat your data. Please give it a try.

I don't have a firm release plan right now. Any suggestion is welcomed.
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+Petr Janoušek Thanks for the patch! I cherry-picked and merge it.
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Licensing Issues

+José Luis Segura Lucas raised a licensing issue: Grive uses OpenSSL, which is not GPL compatible. Grive is released in GPLv2 only, so it is not legal to combine Grive and OpenSSL. If this issue is not resolved, Grive cannot be distributed by Debian.

Being a developer myself, I tend to ignore issues like this. I really appreciate someone pointing out this, especially during the start of the project so we can fix it easily. The Debian guys are kind enough to offer two options: 1) switch to some else (e.g. GnuTLS) and 2) write an exception to the license to explicitly allow linking to OpenSSL. I quickly pick the first choice because I don't want to complicate the license.

Turns out I picked libgcrypt, which is used by GnuTLS, to replace OpenSSL. Actually I never need anything more than calculating MD5 checksums. It's an overkill to link OpenSSL anyway, so even technically libgcrypt is a better choice. libgcrypt is released in LGPLv3 or later, so I guess it can be linked to my GPLv2 only Grive. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Grive will support some features later with requires crypto, so it makes sense to use libgcrypt.

BTW, Grive uses libcurl to do the underlying HTTP requests. Google Drive requires HTTPS and libcurl supports that too. Does that mean Grive is still using SSL even now? Does libcurl depends on OpenSSL in Debian?
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Thanks +Brett Johnson for the advice. FYI, libcurl uses the MIT license (which is BSD without the advertising clause). Although I am not a big fan of FSF, I want to avoid using non-GPL-compatible libraries, at least not directly.

Well if I can't, I will just add the boilerplate as you suggested.
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Grive: an open source Linux client for Google Drive
This is the project page for the open source project "grive". It is a Linux client for Google Drive.

Updates of the project will be posted here. Any comment/suggestion/bug report/feature request on the project can be shared to/+mention to Grive. Hash tagging #grive is also OK.

Development related issues can also be sent to the discussion group. Bugs can be reported to the Github issue list.

Licensed in GPLv2. No need for copyright assignments for contributing.

The aim for this project is to provide an open source version of Google Drive client. It will support features like transparent encryption which may not be included in the official client.

The project is written in standard C++. It is hosted in github right now.
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