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When Luan was born with a large mass on his face, his mother was worried. The growth was the result of him being born with a hole in his skull.
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This facility was on a list of places recommended by my doctor. I decided to go here because it was the closest place to my house. My actual experience at Rose Radiology wasn't bad, but I am giving them a two start rating because they didn't send my results to the doctor in three business days. In fact, a week later my doctor STILL has not received the results, and had to call to have them sent over. Since the people at Rose are "technicians," and can't tell you anything regarding your results, it's kind of important that they send them to the physician ASAP.
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Public - 8 months ago
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I love Pizza Hut, but not this location. It's the closest to my house, so I've gone several times and there are a few decent employees. However, in general the staff is unfriendly, slow, and seemingly clueless. Most of the time it seems like you're bothering them by wanting to place an order. Recently, I ordered delivery which took 90 mins to get to me and was cold when it arrived, fortunately, they were nice enough to give me my money back but they didn't seem very apologetic. I'd rather drive across town than go back to this location.
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I'm fairly new to the area so I was excited to find this place. The food is decent, the pizza was a little different than I was expecting and the Zepollis were VERY salty. Even with those things considered though, I probably would have gone back, but the prices are HIGH.
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