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Inner Dawn provides professional counselling services
Inner Dawn provides professional counselling services


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In a long term committed relationship, if there are unresolved underlying conflicts, this can result in resentment, distance and disenchantment in the long run. Can these unresolved issues and resentments be addressed in couple therapy?

When old pending unresolved issues and emotions are addressed by the couple in therapy, the negativity and the escalating spirals of conflicts reduce, allowing new adaptive ways of thinking and behavior to be inculcated.

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Is your child at risk of Suicide? What can parents do?

If you think your child or adolescent is at risk of Suicide what can you do? If your child talks about suicide and talks about not interested in living what can you do as parents?

What do you do when your ward is showing suicidal symptoms, suicidal thoughts, self harm thoughts or behavior? What are the warning signs that you need to watch out for?

If your child or adolescent shows some or any of the signs of self harm or suicidal ideation, it is an indicator that something is wrong and needs some kind of intervention.

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Is Anger damaging your relationship?

How anger gets expressed is also very important from a relationship as well as communication point of view. When there is excessive anger, and you are in agitated state, it becomes practically not possible to express yourself in effective manner, at the same time you are also unable to listen to what are the person has to say in effective manner. Which means the conflict doesn’t get resolved and can possibly escalate.

How to deal with anger in times of conflicts and difficult conversations? How do we express it in a healthy manner without suppressing it? How to do this, in a way that will add to the relationship rather than take away from it?

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How does parental conflict affect children?

The impact of frequent, intense conflicts and how they are being handled by parents can be very significant upon the child.

I have seen so many parents tell me that our children do not know that we are fighting. Which is so far from the truth, because the impact of the conflict will be seen in each one of the parent’s behavior, mood, responses and the children can sense it.

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When is the right time to get married? How will you know? What determines the right time, right age, right preparation? What determines whether you are ready for a commitment like marriage?

You need to be physically, mentally, emotionally, financially prepared and ready to enter into a committed relationship like a marriage. Are you prepared to put in the time, effort and energy to nurture this relationship, willing to make adjustments, to cater to your partner's reasonable needs?

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Any one considering counselling - individually or as a couple - do ponder on this question. Will Counselling really work for me? How can I achieve the goals that I really want to. How will the counsellor help me in this process?

I have so many clients and potential clients ask me these questions. How will it work if you will not give solutions? I am not able to solve my problem, that’s why I have come to you, so you need to tell me what I need to do. What is the potential success rate? How many clients have you been successful in changing?

The therapist only acts as a facilitator for the process of change, and sometimes could be a catalyst, but the actual change needs to and will happen by the choice of the client,

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Dealing with Verbally Abusive behaviour before it worsens.

There will be many circumstances in life where you might have encountered other people who engage in specific behaviours in a repeated pattern towards you, that is unhealthy and perhaps abusive.

Especially in close relationships – they hold significant power to hurt us when they behave this way.

What to do and what not to do in these situations so that they are possible addressed before it worsens.

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Is it a close friendship or emotional affair?

Are friendships outside marriage important? Are we not supposed to get emotional support from our friends and relatives? What can be shared and what cannot be with them. What if there is no attraction or any sexual undertones? Where do we draw the line?

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Code Words can enhance child safety – Kala Balasubramanian’s views featured on Deccan Herald.

Bringing up a child in a safe and healthy manner is no easy task, especially in today’s world. We hear more and more about child trafficking, sexual abuse, exploitation of children etc almost everyday.

Stringent laws, active policing, faster legal process etc can definitely help. But more than that awareness, being prepared, being safe, teaching children to be safe etc will help in prevention rather than remediation.

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Avoiding conflicts at any cost? You are damaging your relationship.

Isn’t it better for us to avoid conflicts and not have conflicts at all in relationships? No, the pattern of avoiding conflicts completely is not really healthy for a relationship.

It is OK to pick your battles. But it is not OK to avoid the conflict, keep the conflict unresolved and push all the unresolved conflicts under the carpet and pretend that everything is alright. Sometimes it’s important for the couple to argue and fight and resolve the disagreements between them in a healthy manner.
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