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Oceanic Diving Center

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OCEANIC Diving Center – Recreational diving & Technical Sidemount Facility!

OCEANIC Diving Center is located in one of the most beautiful resort villages on the Greek peninsula Chalkidiki, Nikiti. Nikiti is a good place for rest of Sithonia to you and your family. Diving center and school OCEANIC helps you to make your first step into the water world with Try Dive or enrty level courses Open Water Diver and Scuba Diver. After you can continue gaining experience together with us or apply for a Specialty Diving Course or Advanced Open Water Diver. If you are already diving addicted here you can key up your diving qualification on professional or technical level. The world of Diving is discovering new horizons again and again and reaching them enhance your vision of the sea life, it helps you to gain knowledge in atmosphere of fun, laugh and joy visiting the most beautiful places in the world. The academicals are carried out in a training room with multimedia support. The open water lessons take place at the region of Chalkidiki, by choosing the dive spots according the weather conditions.
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OCEANIC Diving Center - Mexico, February 2016
An unbelievable week, marvelous cavern diving at Yucatan peninsula, unique natural formations, a lot of fun under and above water with our joyful team….difficult to describe with words….a must see and experience!
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Wonderful combination of Cavern diving, Ancient Mayan Temples and Mexican cousine !
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Nice Team building diving with La Trattoria restaurant in Nikiti at OCEANIC Diving center, Nkiti, Halkidiki, Greece
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Прекрасен тийм билдинг под вода!
Excelent underwater team building of La Trattoria with OCEANIC diving center, Nikiti, Halkidiki, Greece !!!
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Have a look at this amazing VDO from AUDREY CUDEL from GOZOTECHNICAL DIVING made during their visit with TOM STEINER as a special guests to the yearly event TechSpiritVol.2 by OCEANIC Diving center, Nikiti, Halkidiki, Greece!
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Official Opening of Diving season 2016
21-22-23-24 of MAY 2016

Dear Divers,
After whole winter idleness it’s time for rejoicing in the eagerly awaited sunny weather at the sea, so as to open Dive season 2016 in Greece! As per our customs and tradition this will happen in May on 21-22-23-24th inclusive.
This year at our second edition of Technical Spirit Vol.2 we will have special guests! Our friends and dive instructors develop and improve the Technical Sidemount diving, test the new Sidemount equipment of top brands, practice technical diving. They are active in what they teach - cave diving, inner space exploration diving and yes - they dive where no diver have been before! These are the technical instructors from the top three in the world – Tom Steiner and Audrey Cudel!
Tom Steiner is a highest level technical instructor, instructor trainer, dedicated 30 years from his life in the diving industry all over the world, with more than 11'000 dives at depths up to 200m. Tom has trained Instructors from the most famous dive centers in the world and also Astronauts at ESA.
Apart from her passion to teach Technical Sidemount and Cave Diving, Audrey Cudel is also talented and famous Underwater Photographer. Pure professionals, incredible souls and experienced teachers. Only who knows them, knows really what we mean! And those of you who don’t know yet – now you will have the chance to obtain knowledge direct from the source!
All visitors of our event will have the opportunity to attend the “Seminar on Technical Sidemount diving, equipment and configuration” presented by Tom on 21st of May and his lecture about “Deep diving and the risks of decompression sickness” on 22nd of May.
Your hosts at the event will be Ilko Gochev (TDI Technical Sidemount Instructor) and Ralica Cvetkova (SSI Instructor).

During the event “Technical Spirit Vol.2”:
- Sidemount test dive - FREE of charge - only after you book before by e-mail as the places are limited! Every recreational diver will have the opportunity to experience the feeling of Sidemount configuration giving you full freedom and more safety under water. Try it personal and choose the equipment you want to use in the future.
- DISCOUNT on purchase during the event for the brands we sale: Fourth Element, XDEEP 20%, TecLine 20%, Waterproof 20%, also the producer of the first open source diving computer – Heinrichs Weikamp -7%. The offer is valid only during the event!!! There will be available equipment of the mentioned producers so it is not needed to wait months for getting it.
Test dives with back mount BCDs of XDEEP and TecLine FREE of charge
Air filling FREE of charge for those of you who own personal equipment and tanks and want to join us for the demo dives with Tom Steiner and Audrey Cudel for all 4 days of the event.
Certified divers who do not own personal equipment can rent from our dive center and dive together with us during the underwater demonstrations.
All divers are welcome to be our guests no matter of diving level. On 21st in the evening we will celebrate with a special event’s cake!

Necessary requirements:
For TRY Sidemount dives:
- Advanced Open Water Diver Level or higher;
- book in advance by sending e-mail at, places are limited;

For Equipment Purchase (Fourth Element, XDEEP, TecLine, Waterproof, Heinrichs Weikamp):
- send us order for your wish products at;
- prepayment of your orders not later than 27.04.2016

In case you need accommodation we suggest you to contact:
Aggelina House (
Lily Ann Village Hotel (
Karali studios (
Hotel Marina (
Kiki studios (on request)

Don’t miss your chance to meet and learn from the most experienced Technical Diving Instructor Trainer's worldwide Tom Steiner and the passionate Technical Sidemount and Cave Instructor Audrey Cudel in Nikiti this May!

We are waiting for you at OCEANIC Diving Center to celebrate together with us!
Nikiti 63088, Halkidiki, Greece
97 Sithonia blvd.
+306 993 993 724 (Greece)
+359 889 973 335 (Bulgaria)

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Dry Suit Diver course – 9th and 10th April 2016
Hi friends,
It's time for dry suits! Arrange a date for holding a Dry suit diving course!
For those of you who want to continue to pursue their favorite hobby during the cold months of the year. You can join the course dry suit. The course will be held in April in Nikiti, Chalkidiki on the weekend 9th and 10th April 2016
To participate in the course you need to have Open Water Diver level and a minimum of 15 registered dives.
М: +306 993 993 724
М: +359 889 973 335
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