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July Catch Up With the Point & Shoot
Paddle out to the Great Lawn, warm evening sunset.

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Andreas Feininger, empire state building, 1941

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1st good road bike outing in a long while

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thought for the day:
Seen on the web - This is so satisfying to see; I've been saying this for years:

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happy birthday Frida Kahlo
Happy birthday to #FridaKahlo ! One of modern Mexico's most iconic artists, she was born #onthisday in 1907. See her work in "Making Modern." — Museum of Fine Arts (@mfaboston) July 6, 2017

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Local Summer Water Temps Since 2014
Just a graph I made in excel with data you can download from the NOAA National Data Bouy Center . This is for Station 44029 - Buoy A01 - Massachusetts Bay, AKA the Boston Bouy OK a little on the geeky side I admit.

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Summer is here! Happy Solstice!
Behind Crane Beach, towards Choate Island.  Essex and Summer clouds laze in the distance.

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Happy 75th Brian Wilson!

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John Severson 1933-2017

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Sir Roger George Moore KBE: 1927-2017

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