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GoNintendo has an official Google+ Page now. ... no idea how it works...
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Just post the TOP STORIES ^^ And please make a HANG-OUT for the G+ users during the live show and you should do just fine here!
I second that. Top stories headlines in my G+ stream with a link to the GoNintendo articles would be super convenient for us, and make sure you still get your advertising hits.
YES, get on it!! I would love my updates coming straight to me @Google+ BTW you guys are the shizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
yes always have hangouts on important gaming events! Like the skyward sword midnight launch of course :)
RAW MEAT!!!! saw ya in person for the first time at the Times Square launch event... not gonna lie... lil startstruck lol Keep dong what you do Bra!
HhAHah I WISH i live in the NY to meet RAW MEAT too
I dont think anyone does, thats why it hasnt taken off :p
no excuse, it has plenty of features which make facebook look primitive lol, + its just better... no pun intended!
Welcome! I'm also getting used to it. All you gotta do is adding me to your circles, actually.
LOL just kidding
woo! glad to see you here! RMC do you have a normal profile page for you?
hangouts before/after big conference

and only post big news dont spam this
come on, post somethin/ guys!
well use it like twitter......
lol! can't believe nothing has been posted! hahaha!
what can i say they love their twitter jajaja...
+Dario Soto BTW's I'm calling you 'Super Dario' lol.. sure I love my Twitter too but this seems to be such a waste on their part! Can you imagine if they started doing Hangouts over Google+? That would be so awesome! What a waste!
instead of podcasts... and Why super dario? XD
Mr Yuzhai you can offer to set this page up! XD
+Dario Soto I'd love to - however I honestly am already strapped for time as it is.. however I have been talking a a dear friend recently.. we may start off our own editorial website. If we do Google+ integration would be awesome!

Super Dario (mario) Lol.. What do you do anyways?
hmm... what right now? I'm an IT technician with an engineer degree XD check my profile!
Apparently this page is never updated? Am I missing something?
nop, nothing lets unfollow this, they are bussy with their own blog as to keep a gonintendo +page..
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