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’m a very proud teacher

One of my former students, Emil Vøhlert has written an e-book called
“Thai Language. Straight To The Point”

Where he has shared tips and tricks on how to learn Thai language.

4 years of learning Thai language, including 93 lessons learning Thai with me. The e-book has boiled down to less than 40 pages.

I haven’t got a chance to review the e-book yet, but I will for sure ASAP.

Download and ready more
Or visit and download from Emil's website here

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It's very very Thai

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Happy Chinese New Year

Here is how to say it in Chinese
ซินเจียยู่อี่ ซินนี้ฮวดใช้
sin jeer yuu ee sin nii haud chai

Find out why we're holding a banana from the VDO here

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A funny story of me with "L" and  how Thais are struggling with "R" and "L"

"Thai People Can say R and L, really"

Plus, you will learn how cleaver this Thai sign is.

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It was a true story of a Thai woman cut off her husband's penis and feed it to a duck. I'm sure a lot of you have heard the rumor. But why Thai women ? 

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Interviewed with Thai News newspaper.
English translation is here

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Merry Christmas
sùk-săn wan krít-mâat

Wish you and your family a wonderful time on Christmas day
Listen to our Christmas podcast and learn how to shop during this holiday season "like a Thai" here

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Long Live The King/ ทรงพระเจริญ/song prá jà-rern

Happy National Father's Day/ สุขสันต์วันพ่อแห่งชาติ/ sùk-săn wan pôr hàeng châat

พ่อ/pôr means father. Let's learn the synonyms of the word พ่อ/pôr
1. บิดา/bì-daa (formal,polite)
2.ชนก/chá-nók (royal term)
3.ปิตุรงค์/pbì dtù rong (royal term)
4.บิดร/bi don (poetry)
5.ป๋า/bpăa/used in Thai-Chinese family.
A slang use of ป๋า/bpăa could also use as a title of respect for elder males in position of power or authority ; when used by younger women can have a "sugar daddy" connation to it (

Check out Maanii book, lesson about the king (free subscription )

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Maanii book readers have finally reached 1000 today

If you are one of them please kindly let me know what book and lesson you are currently reading ?
ถ้าคุณเป็นหนึ่งในนั้น ช่วยบอกได้มั้ยคะว่าตอนนี้คุณอ่านถึงเล่มไหนและบทที่เท่าไหร่แล้ว
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