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My class particpated in this wonderful event.
George is a renowned global adventurer, storm chaser, explorer and television presenter. Based in Toronto, his efforts to document nature's worst weather conditions have taken him all over the globe, into places most normal people are fleeing from. Whether it's a tornado outbreak in Kansas, a monster hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, forest fires in British Columbia, or even an erupting volcano, he's usually in the middle of the action with his camera rolling.

His efforts have been seen around the world on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Explorer, BBC-TV, CNN and of course, his own adventure TV program Angry Planet which has been broadcast in over 100 countries. The program airs on OLN, City TV, The Travel Channel, The Weather Channel, Halogen TV & others.

He started chasing tornadoes and other storms almost 15 years ago and has continued to expand his explorations to include all types of extreme natural phenomena.

In January 2005, George brought his camera to the remote Danakil Depression in the harsh Ethiopian desert and was lowered 60 feet into the smoking crater of the active Erta Ale volcano. He spent a half hour filming on top of the freshly hardened surface of the lava lake wearing a protective heat suit.

This event made him the first person to have ever filmed from the inside of 3 of world's most fearsome forces - Inside a tornado, the eye of a hurricane and inside an active volcano. 

His travels have taken him to such far-flung places as:

- The jungles of Rwanda to witness rare mountain gorillas.
- Into a cage surrounded by Great White sharks off the coast of Mexico.
- Flying in a helicopter over huge forest fires in Northern Ontario.
- The remote island nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific where he got married on the crater's edge of the exploding Yasur volcano!!
- Dog sledding above the Arctic Circle and kayaking with whales in Antarctica.
- Space flight training, including a zero gravity flight and being subjected to extreme forces inside 2 centrifuges.
- The fabled Timbuktu, in the Sahara Desert, documenting sand storms.
- Reactor #4 at Chernobyl, the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history.
- Into the Naica Crystal Cave in Mexico, home to the largest crystals in the world where the environment is so hostile that the heat and humidity can be deadly.
- And much, much more.

By sharing these adventures with the world, George hopes that he can inspire people to break out of their routines and do something that they consider a little bit scary.

George is a member of the Explorers Club, the Royal Canadian Geographic Society the Canadian Council For Geographic Education, and was nominated for Gemini awards in 2008 and 2009 for his work on Angry Planet.
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A Blog is born!
I am excited
and nervous to get started with this blog. I am a 2 nd grade teacher
in VA and I have been teaching for 9 years. I LOVE 2 nd grade. I
discovered Whole Brain Teaching a few months ago and started using it in my
classroom this past Spring. I am s...
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