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Technical Handiya
Let's talk about technology in a different manner ! අපි තාක්ෂණය ගැන වෙනස් විදිහකට කතා කරමු !
Let's talk about technology in a different manner ! අපි තාක්ෂණය ගැන වෙනස් විදිහකට කතා කරමු !

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Symantec pcAnywhare Source code leaked! they advice to not to use it anymore ...

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Blue Marble 2012 -The best HD image of the earth available under CC licence

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ඔබත් තාක්ෂණික ප්‍රවෘති ගැන නිතර අවදානයෙන් ඉන්න කෙනෙක් නම් SOPA ගැන දැනටමත් අහල ඇති! SOPA කියන්නෙ ඇමරිකාවෙ සම්මත වෙන්න යන අන්තර්ජාල වාරණ පණතක්.

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ටෙක්නිකල් හංදිය

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Imagine a World
Without Free Knowledge
Make your voice heard SHARE THIS
Thank you +Mohamed Mansour
For over a decade, we have spent millions of hours building the largest encyclopedia in human history. Right now, the U.S. Congress is considering legislation that could fatally damage the free and open Internet. For 24 hours, to raise awareness, we are blacking out Wikipedia

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කාර්, බයිසිකල් වැනි පුද්ගලික රථවාහන වල පටන් ට්‍රැක්ටර් වැනි කාර්මික වාහන පවා ස්වයං තීරණ ගනිමින් වඩා ආරක්ෂිතව හා කාර්‍යක්ෂමව ක්‍රියාත්මක කිරීමටත්, සුපිරි වෙළදසැල්, ඉලෙක්ට්‍රොණික දැන්වීම් පුවරු තමා වෙත එන පිරිභෝගිකයා ගැන පූර්ව අවබෝධයෙන් ස්ථානෝචිතව වෙනස් කිරීමටත්, මිලියන ගණනක් වූ මේ ක්ෂුද්‍ර සහයකයන් දැනටමත් සූදානම් ය.

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We got limited Schemer invitations!
Who like to be the first schemers from Sri Lanka? ;)

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Mind reading within 5 years...

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Half of all solar companies in China stop production.

While the US is freaking out about the Solyndra and Evergreen Solar bankruptcies, it turns out that China's industry is also in crisis.

About half of China's solar plants have suspended production altogether, while 30% have halved output, according to China's Guangzhou Daily.

And output is still falling.


The paper blames dropping prices amid a glut of solar panels, as well as higher production costs resulting from a chemical leak that led to more environmental regulation of the industry.

The industry's unsustainable debt may also be a factor, according to the Wall Street Journal.

This news defies the conventional wisdom, which is that we have to rely on oil because there isn't enough alternative energy and because solar is too expensive. Yet the industry is stalling because there's too much solar and the prices are too low!
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