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Anyone in St. Louis that would love to help out?
Love mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and the apps that make them so fun to use?

We are currently looking for writers to help us provide more content.

Let us know if interested and please share this with others that may be interested as well!

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Here is my project for this evening. Want to disassemble mine so that I can clean it out. Think it is a little dusty inside and is crying out that it is suffocating.

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Wonder how many people bought this?

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Santa's Magical Kingdom! 

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Love him or hate him, he is still human. 

Two issues I have noticed today as I set my phone back up after updating to JB last night.

1. After changing how many homescreen windows I will have  to 3 from the default 5, Action Launcher still acts as though I have 5 selected.

Checked back in the settings and it still showed that I changed it to 3, but would not physically act like it until I restarted the launcher.

2. The messaging app that is in the dock by default still says it is not installed. Remove the icon and place another shortcut on the dock and it opens fine.

Going to test some more as I get time today.

This is on 1.0.5 on a Galaxy S3 running 4.1.1 JB
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