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Helen West
Registered Dietitian, Blogger, Surfer, Runner and all round Healthy Living Enthusiast!
Registered Dietitian, Blogger, Surfer, Runner and all round Healthy Living Enthusiast!

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It's Day 2 of #dietitiansweek  and today I'm chatting to #eatingdisorders  specialist #RD Beth Gripton

Check out her interview to learn more about her working life, views on nutrition myths and borderline obsession with grapes!!

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I'm super proud to be part of the Dietetic Profession.  This week marks the start of the first ever #dietitiansweek  and to celebrate i'm sharing interviews with my favourite #RD's 

Here's what +Gemma Critchley has to say about being an RD, food and diet fads!

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I'm a little late to that party, but then again....that's sometimes my style ;) 

Super Excited to get involved in my first Pin it Party Hosted by  +Lindsay Livingston

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What do you think about #photoshop?  Is it harmless? After my last blog post on it my friend sent me this +BuzzFeed link

You can read my thoughts in my blog post here--->

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Photo Editing is part of everyday life these days.

But do we really know where reality stops and the illusion begins?


Photoshop - Harmless Fun or Loaded Gun?

#photo   #edit   #health   #bodyimage   #media   #fashion  

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SO. This happened to me a couple of days ago.

She's a liar but it was a pretty sweet surprise!

#friends #surprise #holidays   #bali  

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How do you stay healthy on holiday?

Estelle from +Strong in a Thong shares her tips on my blog!

#holiday   #health   #fitness   #fun   #happiness  

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It's coming up to 2 years since Jim & I moved to #Bali  - It's flown by!

I've been reminiscing about the early days on the island & reading my old blog 'Surf Break' that I used as a journal for the first year of our trip.

This entry never fails to make me laugh, so I thought it would be fun to share!


#roadtrips   #Stitches   #Puppies   #Travel   #Indonesia   #Life   #Laugh  

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We all know how it goes. It starts will a small, unassuming tickle in your throat, a funny feeling that something isn’t quite right… and before you know it, your head is sore and pounding, your nose is stuffy and runny and your throat appears to have reformed into a new structure, made up entirely of tiny pieces of glass..........

Hauled up in bed with the dreaded lurgy, I thought I'd make use of my time and start a mini blog series!

Eat To Beat The Common Cold?  

First up, Vitamin C!

You can read the rest of this post here ----

#cold   #illness   #health   #diet   #vitaminc   

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I read this article in the guardian today.

It's true, recently research has shown that saturated fat may not be the devil we once thought it was in relation to heart disease.

However, it's worth noting that just because a little of something isn't as harmful as we once thought, that it doesn't mean that a lot of it is now 'good for you' .

Most things in excess can be harmful.

Just because saturated fat may not be linked to heart disease, doesn't mean that all the fats in your diet should be saturated.

So, like most things its about BALANCE. Eat real food (including a bit of butter if you fancy). MOVE your body. Focus on the overall healthfulness of your diet & not on a single nutrient
#fat   #health   #heartdisease   #saturatedfat  
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