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josh cejka
Writer of Meg Brown Short Mysteries and others.
Writer of Meg Brown Short Mysteries and others.

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Hey Guys!!!!! We're trying to earn some money for Alzheimer's Research AND we're working on an anthology with Terry Pratchett inspired stories. We're WAYYYY behind in donations right now, so donate if you can and we'll keep you informed of any updates on the anthology.

A little excerpt from part two:

The corner door was new, a gift from the contractors who’d pocketed most of the money the government had given them to renovate the place as Arrivist housing. It was a nice one, thick and secure and heavy and it was about the only nice and modern thing to the building. The rest of it they’d cobbled together from as cheap material as they could find. Luckily for the residents, even the cheapest of materials was more than they were used to. When he knocked the huge bluish furred face of a vaguely humanoid bear appeared in the crack, a broad smile forming around it’s massive protruding and decorated tusks. 
“Morning, Shikkah.” He muttered as the Kisht on guard duty slipped aside to let him in.
“Gut Morging, Aaaalvuh. You…luk…tihed.”
“I am a bit. I have some work to do though, yet. Big night last night.”

I'm hiding from the motherland today. 

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So... cuz we were sharing openers on the main Nano Page recently i thought i would share the first few paragraphs of the WIP for your critiquing... 


Nate just stepped out of their squad car and straight into a rain filled pothole all the way up to his ankle. Cold, filthy water rushed into his shoes, negating the wonderful dry feeling of the clean socks he’d just put on. 

His wife, for a change, had been sleeping soundly when the phone rang. She’d snorted once and planted her muscled ropy arm over him as he reached for it. But by the time he’d dressed and found his sidearm she was standing on the platform she’d built at the kitchen counter, pouring coffee for him. She was up and ready to begin her day - which would probably last the next twenty hours.

“Those the shoes Roxy made for yeh?” His partner chuckled, his thick head bobbing into view over the hood of the car. Max was Hallad, or a Dwarf - depending on who you were talking to and what their level of intelligence was. He was a brick on legs standing just about three and a half feet tall, which terminated at an immaculately kept beard and a thick drooping mustache with fine gold braids tying off the tips. NFL Linemen would have been envious of his shoulders and perhaps his very low center of gravity. 

Max was one of the first of the newly minted Arrivist cops. He’d gone straight from the gates of the innocuously named Orientation Camps to the doors of the academy, where he’d taken a crash course on Human laws and police procedure. After that, he spent two years working a beat - sitting in a radio car with a modified seat so he could see over the dashboard and a veteran Human cop who didn’t much like him or the idea of putting Arrivists in charge of serving and protecting. There weren’t many old school cops around anymore, most had been ground out in the days after the Arrival, but Max got unlucky. Fortunately, Dwarves thrived on bad luck. 

Andrew's fine meal of asparagus has sprouted tentacles and is talking to him. Everyone grab a weapon and a plot bunny. 

I just broke into THE CHAPTER. The one where everything changes and things are... ugh. I'm scared. Can i revise it? What if it kills me? I'm scared! Anybody else have this problem? Afraid of THE CHAPTER? 

WE HAVE ONE HUNDRED!!!! One hundred intrepid adventurers! Bravely sallying forth into the great dense wilderness of Google Plus where we shall be... erm... Intrepid! And Adventurous. Er something inspiring. 


DANG!!! We may be small but we're working at it ain't we? 
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