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3 DBAs walk into a NoSQL bar. A little while later they walk out because they couldn't find a table.

#nosql #geekjoke

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This is pretty awesome. Nice clean and simple interface for browsing and rating some amazing pictures.

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Amazing! We are apparently already able to build small robots and let them figure out what they are capable of.

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Wow, this looks very interesting!

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Kool song. Makes me want to visit MD again.
Check out Brad's bandcamp page for more songs:
Catchiest song on the internet yet!!! Share this shit ya goons!

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Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor

<<via +Kurt Van Wagenen>>

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HTML5 Boilerplate v3 shipped today! It's smaller and friendlier while still providing the robust cross-browser action you've come to love. for the v3 highlights, to see our new build script repos (hello rake and node!), and to make a custom build that marries H5BP with Twitter Bootstrap

so far I like G+ a lot!
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