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Feeling rather well. Been studying throughout the day and Understanding the Music Scale of Intervals. The CBDs are the Medicine that I use and particularly feel sane enough to maintain some dignity while doing my Composition. I still enjoy a good smoke, not Cigarettes,Ew. Anyways, Just wanted to let you know that I am going to try and get into Techno. It sounds fascinating as far as beats go and I wish anyone would welcome me into there circle to be Stone Free!

Accenting on the Positive Traits that MY Elohim had Given Me. I Really need some Positivity in My Life. I am Currently a Advocate for the MMJ Community. I have been in this program for over a year and to date have survived the political aftermath which is the Thrill I so Desire. Not because I can, Or that I have a License for Cultivating. My Current Financial Situation and Paying for a Service Connected Injury Is so very misdemeaning. Without The Current Support of This Cantina, i Couldn't Do It Without YOU! I have not only alot of Family riding my behind, but Also This Uncle Sam of Mine doesn't like My Ploitics very much anymore as the type of Lover I AM, Is obviously Obsolete and Not Needed much around Anymore. Also, YOu know where you can Find Sympathy, HUH? Between Shitola and Syphillis, So go look it up and please leave this Heavenly Being Alone! Is That Trouble Enuf! DIG Almighty Jesus!
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