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Patrick McGrath
An artist from Puerto Rico currently living in Houston, Texas.
An artist from Puerto Rico currently living in Houston, Texas.

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Painting Process & Tarot, A Creative Journey. Part 2
Hercules and the Virtues (2013) Oil ad metal leaf on panel 36" x 28"  by  Patrick McGrath Muñiz We now continue this creative
journey using the Tarot in our artistic process, but let's have a quick recap
before we take off . Last time we explored The Magici...

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Painting Process & Tarot, A Creative Journey. Part 1
For nearly
12 years already I've been using the Tarot as inspiration for my paintings but
also as a creative tool for my narratives. It helps bring out ideas and its
ever changing flexible and seemingly random character makes it a superb tool
for surrealist...

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The Tarot as a Creative Guide for the Artist
Everything has a purpose. In every experience there is a hidden lesson. Last August I received an emergency call from Puerto Rico. My Mom had a severe car accident and was taken to intensive care. My siblings and I immediately flew down to San Juan and to t...

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Surrealism & 2016
Les Amants (The Lovers)  (1928) :: Oil on canvas 28" x 21" by Rene Magritte Back in art school I remember there used
to be a stigma placed unto anyone who wanted to explore surrealism. As art students we were encouraged to experiment and break away from tra...

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Consumerism in an Age of Fear
In Plutocracy & Trump we trust (2016)   Mixed media on Cardstock Coasters 4" by Patrick McGrath Muñiz 2016 will without any
doubt be remembered by many of us as a year of great losses (Bowie, Prince
& many others) unpredictable politics (Brexit, Trump) as w...

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Some Prayers to Capital, Mass Media and Consumerism
United Citizen Ship (2016) Oil on canvas 48" x 48" Evoke Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM Lets face it: We live in a society that worships money and consumerism over all other things. We rarely question the imposed fictions of the financial institutions that rule...

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Artist to Artist: Don't compete with others, but with yourself.
Whether one is in art school or
participating in an art contest, it is quite easy to fall into the trap of
thinking this is all about competition. After all they train us from an early
age to compete and beat your opponent, be it in sports or any other disc...

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Finding inspiration in the Book of Revelations
Geo Iudicium (Geo Judgment) 24" 36" Oil on panel by
Patrick McGrath Muñiz  (2015) The last judgment as well as
other apocalyptic narratives found in the book of Revelations were popular
themes in European Renaissance and Baroque painting. There is also a we...

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Happy Shopping Days
  Io Saturnalia (2010) Ink and pencil on paper 9" x 12" by Patrick McGrath Muñíz   As we get
closer to the winter solstice of 2015, many people across the globe get ready
to celebrate the holidays.   In the West
and spreading around the globe, Christmas is ...

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The Tarot from an artist's perpective
The Vessel (2015) Oil on canvas 48 x 72 inches by Patrick McGrath Muñiz. Available at Evoke Contemporary As a painter with a
passion for history I always find new material and sources of inspiration to
inform my art. Nearly 10 years ago I introduced Christi...
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