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Push the button, Frank.
Push the button, Frank.

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I saw some of the discussion surrounding the new Story Cube game's release, but I'm not sure it's a good buy for my solo gaming needs. I do own 3 sets of Story Cubes, and I've used them in the past to do a kind of freeform world building with my RPG group. Does anyone know of a more structured way to use the Story Cubes for solo gaming, or is it best as a purely freeform oracle?

Hi, everyone. I've been hanging around this group for a while, but never solo played. I love using oracles and randomization, though, so I've picked up some great stuff from posts here. I'm my regular group's Forever DM, but even so, I have dozens of unplayed games just sitting on my shelf, calling to me (somehow I manage to move to another part of the country just when I've flushed the D&D craving from my current group, go figure).

So now I've decided to go ahead and start playing through my collection, starting with Night's Black Agents. This might be a bit difficult to start with, seeing as it's supposed to be a complex conspiracy uncovered one clue at a time, and vampires are supposed to be slightly different in each game. Does anyone here have experience with Night's Black Agents or Gumshoe games? Any ideas for randomizing the nature of my foes and making it a surprise during play? Thanks for all the excellent posts. Glad to be jumping in!

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Not my project, but probably of interest to some DM's here...  Dwarven Forge is currently running its 3rd Kickstarter for a City Builder System.  I use my 3D dungeon and cavern tiles a LOT, so I'm really looking forward to these modular city pieces!

The DF team has also introduced a pledge level just for getting sewer packs, in case you don't want any above-ground buildings. They look really sweet!

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Small collection of layouts I've done with my Dwarven Forge 3d game tiles.
Dwarven Forge
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A few years ago I was pleasantly surprised when a few of my coworkers approached me and asked me to DM a D&D group.  Since none of them had played before, but they did like board games, discussion led us to invest in some 4e books.  Two years of adventure later, the now-seasoned players kept pushing against the underdeveloped roleplaying side of the system, and I still hadn't got my finger on a lot of the finer rules.  When we had some player turnover, we decided to switch to Pathfinder, a system that both I and several players knew better.  Now I find myself with some excellent source material for 4e, but I'm unsure how it would affect balance if I tried to port it to Pathfinder.  Does anyone here have suggestions for converting things like magic item stat blocks, or special powers unique to villains in the D&D modules?

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One of these is my regular #Charter   internet. The other is when I'm tethered to my phone. I pay for 30 Mbps on my home internet. Can someone tell me what's wrong with this scenario? And this is even after they sent me a new modem that was supposed to fix my fairly regular internet outage issues. At least #tmobile  gives me what I pay for.

+Umatter2Charter yeah right.
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Got my #DwarvenForge   dungeon tiles yesterday! Had to break them in with a quick dungeon adapted from my Dyson's Delves book.  The gray color is extremely dark--much darker than it looked in the videos.  Can't wait to paint them!

Pacific Rim almost took itself too seriously, but then it was a movie about mentally-linked samurai fighting monsters using magical armor, without a bunch of crap story getting in the way.  Not a classic, but still better than Man of Steel.
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