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Dear Traders!

We would like to announce of starting of Forex Rebate program by ATIORA forex broker – “PAYBACK”!

The PayBack program from ATIORA allows all clients traded more than 4 lots per month, earning additional revenue committed by their turnover. For receiving rebates you do not need to perform additional steps - each trader, past verification of personal data, automatically becomes a member of the PayBack program!

Here you can find PayBack sizes per each account:
Classic - 0.9 pips
ECN Standard - 0.2 pips
ECN Pro - $2

Take part in the Payback program, trade and gain spread and commission rebates after each trade!

Terms and condtions of the program can be found here -

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UK Referendum - Risk Mitigation Measures
Dear client,
The United Kingdom EU Referendum also known as “Brexit” vote will take place on Thursday, 23rd of June 2016. This political event affect the financial markets and may lead to high volatility, the price differences, lack of liquidity, widening of spreads and other market movements.
Atiora taking active steps to reduce the risks to our contractors during the week (the period may be extended for a few days, depending on the volatility and liquidity), which will hold a referendum. To protect our customers and the company, we are reducing the amount of leverage throughout the week. This change will affect both existing and new orders.
Since the moment opening the market June 20 and until its closure on June 24 the standard amount of leverage will be reduced as follows:
• all pair with the GBP - 1: 100 to 1:25 (4% margin requirement);
• all pair with the EUR - 1: 100 to 1:25 (4% margin requirement);
• on the indices "UK100", "EUSTX", "FRA40", "GER30", "IT40" and "SPA3" - 1: 100 to 1:25 (4% margin requirement).
Please take into consideration the fact that spreads on the Bid and Ask will become increasingly possible due to market volatility, which in turn can affect even on the hedged position.
These changes entail the need to close the deal or add funds to your account balance. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk of liquidation of all open positions if you have open positions with the GBP, EUR or indices with higher leverage and the account has insufficient funds to cover the increased margin requirements. We strongly advise you to make all the necessary steps to replenish your account to it had sufficient funds to decrease the leverage size.
Leverage return to its previous size will take place after the close of markets June 24, 2016.
Please take into consideration that this is a temporary measure, but we strongly recommend that you consider these margin requirements and very high volatility in the markets to make adjustments to your trading strategies accordingly.
If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us
Kind Regards,

Lovely ECN Forex Broker

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Atiora broker offers its customers an automatic deposit trading account via Neteller payment system without Commission and just in 10 seconds.

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Dear traders!
ECN broker Atiora happy to introduce deposit and withdrawal of funds for fx trading accounts through UnionPay payment system. The commission is 0% for deposit and 0.75% for withdrawal.
We remind you that the deposit of funds to trading account immediately and automatically.

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Friends, hurry to inform you about the cheerful news!
The company Atiora gives a unique opportunity - you can deposit to your trading account through Skrill with 0% commission. This limited offer valid until 31st of May!

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You may test drive Atiora`s trading platform with real-time prices and market conditions on your computer. It works on all Windows-based PCs.
Forex Demo Account - a special type of account in the forex market that allows make virtual trading as real, what is particularly useful to beginners, as well as the development of new strategies. Trading on Forex market involves work with different types of accounts. The most popular among them is the demo account. It is a practical account and is usually used for training on Forex market.
Already a serious trader? You will be glad to know that Atiora offers one of the best trading conditions on Forex Market among STp/DMA brokers then why not get yourself a Live Account right now.
ATIORA MetaTrader 4 client platform is designed to give you the maximum from Forex trading environment – with live quotes, real-time charts and news – as well as wide range of indicators and Expert Advisors.
Download the MetaTrader4 from Atiora

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About Forex Islamic Accounts.

ATIORA offers a SWAP-free trading account for observant Muslims in which no interest can be paid or earned. Islamic tenets prohibit the payment or receipt of interest and this is why ECN Forex Broker Atiora has made the opening of a Swap-free account easy for observant Muslims.

Atiora Islamic accounts are different from regular Forex and CFD accounts because overnight interest (also referred to as swap or rollover) is never credited to or debited from Islamic accounts. Overnight interest originates from the difference between the interest rates of the currencies or assets being traded. When traders buy one currency and sell another, a swap rate is created because the interest rates of the underlying currencies are not identical. This transaction results in an imbalance that is usually credited to a trader’s trading account or debited from a trader’s trading account when positions are held after the close of each trading day.

By executing a single document, observant Muslims may request a Atiora`s Islamic account in which all interest credits and debits are waived. Requests from traders who live in traditionally Muslim countries are typically approved quickly while additional documentation may be required in other cases.

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Atiora is a FSA SVG registered brokerage company that provides its clients with fully transparent Forex trading conditions. Cooperating with us excludes any conflicts of interest and offers you high quality trading services and access to Tier-1 bank liquidity.

ECN Forex broker Atiora is a unique phenomenon in the foreign exchange market. Its numerous advantages allow the company to stand out from the crowd of competitors.

- True ECN Forex Broker
- Tight spreads from 0.05 pips
- Rapid execution with no re-quotes
- A wide range of trading instruments
- Negative balance protection
- 24 hour multi-language support
- Swap-free accounts
- Flexible conditions of forex trading
- Personal Manager
- Funds security on clients accounts
- Weekly & monthly forex contests
- Atiora Capital program

The future of the Forex market are belong to STP Forex Broker ATIORA, since we are in step with the times and offer the latest technology for trading at Forex to meet the needs of today’s traders, who are becoming more and more complex and demanding. Customers are our best motivation for further development. Everything we do – we do it to your advantage!

Forex ECN trading by Atiora
Forex ECN trading by AtioraECN really is a modern future for the currency markets. ECN can be best described as a bridge connecting the small market participants with Level 1 liquidity providers through ECN FOREX broker. This communication is carried out with the help of sophisticated technology called FIX protocol (FIX – financial information exchange protocol).
At one end, the broker obtains liquidity from tier-1 liquidity providers (major banks) and makes it available for trading for its clients. On the other hand, the broker takes customer orders to liquidity providers for execution. ECN broker receives a commission for transactions derived the interbank level. The higher trading volume broker clients generate, the higher profitability of the broker.
The benefits of ECN Forex broker ATIORA:
- Completely Anonymous:
All ECN trading is completely anonymous. Anonymity enables traders to deal on neutral prices that reflect actual market conditions and are not based only against the client, based on the strategies of forex dealing centres.
- Instant Execution:
Customers can trade Forex on live streaming quotes instantly with the best prices, which are executed and instantly confirmed – the delay is a maximum of 0.5 ms. ATIORA do not make a “last look” at the deal, as do market makers – each transaction is final and immediately hits the market as soon as the trader clicked Buy/Sell in his trading terminal MetaTrader 4. ATIORA has no Dealing Desk to intervene in the execution of transactions and therefore cannot be re-quotes when trading with ECN broker ATIORA.
- Client-to-Bank Trading:
ATIORA ECN enables clients to trade in the global liquidity of banks of world-class and qualified financial institutions.
- Automated Forex Trading:
Through the use of our API, customers can connect their trading models and risk management systems to our feed market data.
- Floating spreads:
In contrast to the dealer, ATIORA no control over the distribution of the spread on the prices bid and ask, therefore, can not provide the same rate of bid/ask spread at any time. ATIORA offers floating spreads. At ECN system clients have direct access to the market prices. Market prices fluctuate reflecting supply and demand, volatility, and other conditions. ATIORA ECN broker enables clients to trade on tight spreads, which fluctuate from 0 pips on all currency pairs under normal market conditions.

Atiora is a Forex broker company specializing in providing reliable and competitive services on the Foreign Exchange Market to clients worldwide. Team of experts of the company consists of professionals with the long-term experience and successful project implementation.
Being a Pure ECN/STP Forex Brokerage allows us to bring the best pricing and liquidity to our clients. As a result we can be considered a discount Forex brokerage because we are bringing you very competitive spreads and lowest commissions in the industry, ensuring greater profitability of your trading.
Established in 2015, Atiora brings into Forex trading, the world’s largest, the most dynamic and popular market, sound brokerage experience and cutting-edge trading technology.
Customers from all over the world successfully use services of the Company. Atiora is well represented in Asia, CIS countries, in the Middle and Far East as well as on the African continent.
We have direct ECN and exchange liquidity among others. We are highly rated among scalpers and traders using Expert Advisors and algorithmic trading systems. We call our clients Smart Traders.
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