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So, D&D 5e is pretty awesome so far! I really like the direction they've taken the game. Brings back that "D&D feel".

Free Basic Rules:

I am looking for people between Huntsville, Birmingham and Ashville, AL that would like to meet bi-weekly for a Savage Worlds based Walking Dead game set in Alabama. No experience is necessary.

I'm in need of a small group of tabletop gamers to playtest some of my ideas that I am working on! WARNING: There will be a little math involved.

Made the move up to Madison, AL! it's been a rough two weeks, but worth it I think. The first day of my new job is tomorrow...wish me luck!

Does anyone know how to invite teammates into the Hangouts Developer Sandbox? There's no invite but all the docs talk about it...

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The Dredded Coss-dressing Pirate Turkey!

Anyone with Gears of War 3, I'd like to get a couple of people together to do Co-Op campaign and Versus together. My gamertag is Jiggadias

Conan the Barbarian was fantastic! Rachel Nichols made a great Tamara and Jason Momoa made a good Conan.

Looking forward to seeing Conan the Barbarian this weekend! Even though the original is one of my all time favorite movies, I'll do my best not to compare the two...mainly so that I'll still like the original...

HUGE changes are coming to Final Fantasy XIV the end of next month. I'm excited about seeing these changes take place.
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