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Dear Captain, I have always been way too sensitive to criticism. In high school we had an assignment where we had to ask our loved ones what they thought our best and worst personality traits were,...
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Virginia Fell

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Just like you and I contain multitudes, so does the movement which advocates for women's empowerment and equality.
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Virginia Fell

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"When will white feminists take collective responsibility for educating themselves? When will they understand the power at play that sings in their skins? We don't exist in a vacuum and women of co...
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Virginia Fell

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A 25-year study of blacks and whites in Baltimore finds that income status can be an equalizer, but race does make a difference.
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Virginia Fell

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Intolerance is like a virus spreading from one generation to the next, and parents have to examine their own biases in order to stop the bigotry.
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So... for the record...

I'm actually very animated and outgoing. On my list of possible future career paths I have listed "abortion counselor" and "mime." I wear wild colors and bold lipstick and earrings that look like sushi. My jackets are either military surplus or look like they were cut from a crazy old lady's couch. I'm not withdrawn or taciturn. I laugh loudly and swear a lot. My hair is an excellent color, and not my natural one. I find goats irresistibly cute. I talk to strangers. I have lied two times in the last six months, and in the next six I hope to cut that down to zero. I wear colorful hats.

A lot of thorny and observant dames in fiction are isolated social misfits whose witty retorts and cutting insights are heard only by an audience they've no reason to believe they have. That's not me. That's probably why a lot of people never see me coming. They're looking for Daria. They're looking for Wednesday Addams, or Lydia Deetz, or Lisbeth Salander. The girl that you can hear laughing from all the way down the hall? Nah. She's probably cool. Go tell her that homophobic joke you just heard. She'll love it.

Much as I joke about how I'm a toon or such a perfect stereotype, there aren't actually too many female people like me in my movies or books. I'm a woman with a mouth like a flamethrower and I'm happy. Someday the universe will come to terms with this seeming contradiction. I'm just puzzled as to what exactly is so hard about it. I don't seem like such an unlikely creature to me. 
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Exclusive: Leader of Anonymous Steubenville Op on Being Raided by the FBI

"They want to make an example of me, saying, 'You don't fucking come after us.'"

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