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Inflationary Universe confirmed.
Today is a great day for science, humanity and Andrei Dmitriyevich Linde—one of the main authors of the inflationary universe theory that was confirmed today. Watch his emotions as assistant Professor Chao-Lin Kuo surprises him with the news of the evidence that supports a whole life of theoretical work.
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Empowering Women Since 1881
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World Science U with Brian Greene.
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Live free or die.
Our U.S. doodle today celebrates Harriet Tubman, who led hundreds of slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad. 
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Lisa Hogan Autry

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hy lisa how are you ?
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Why did they build it?  Because they can!
Cubestormer 3 robot shatters Rubik’s Cube world record

A new world record for fastest robot to solve a +Rubik's Cube was set on Saturday, when a smartphone-powered machine managed to complete the puzzle in a lightning quick 3.253 seconds...

#guinnessworldrecords   #rubikscube   #samsunggalaxys5   #lego  +ARM #officiallyamazing
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There is one thing that I know of that defines (for me) the existence  of an apparent event horizon.  Its quite wonderful.  Hawking in my humble opinion is once again, stretching my thoughts into new territory.  Bravo! 
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Hello lisa
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Eye Candy.
A storm of stars is brewing in the Trifid nebula, located 5,400 light-years away in the constellation Sagittarius, as seen in this view from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE. The stellar nursery, where baby stars are bursting into being, is the yellow-and-orange object dominating the picture. Yellow bars in the nebula appear to cut a cavity into three sections, hence the name Trifid nebula.

Colors in this image represent different wavelengths of infrared light detected by WISE. The main green cloud is made up of hydrogen gas. Within this cloud is the Trifid nebula, where radiation and winds from massive stars have blown a cavity into the surrounding dust and gas, and presumably triggered the birth of new generations of stars. Dust glows in infrared light, so the three lines that make up the Trifid, while appearing dark in visible-light views, are bright when seen by WISE. The blue stars scattered around the picture are older, and they lie between Earth and the Trifid nebula. The baby stars in the Trifid will eventually look similar to those foreground stars. The red cloud at upper right is gas heated by a group of very young stars.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA

#nasa #space #nebula #astronomy #wise #cloud #dust #stars #infrared #science #gas

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This is neat, though the stars are 5400 light-years away which means this all happened 5400 years ago. The light from the event is just now reaching us.
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