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Artists, Photographers, Models, in the Orlando Area
Artists, Photographers, Models, in the Orlando Area

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Hello Orlando Artists - Sorry it's been a while since I've done anything. As most of you know, I have just moved back to the Orlando Area from the middle of no-where, and I've been busy getting set up and looking for a job. Well, I finally found one! So, now I can start devoting more time to the growth of this page and community.

I'd like to let everyone know that this weekend, I will be walking around Disney just shooting pics, and anyone else that wants to come and hang out is more than welcome to join. It's not going to be an official photo walk or anything, but I think if we all bring our cameras or whatever mediums we use, maybe we can do something unique and creative as a group.

If you're interested in attending and meeting up, just get a hold of +Jason Nalley (My number is public on my profile there). I'd be more than happy to chat with you. Note, if you're not an annual passholder and you can't afford tickets, I may be able to get 3 people in for free, no promises, but my room mate works there and he's gotten my friends in before without question.

I look forward to seeing and chatting with some of you.


Welcome to Orlando Artists - Hello everyone, and welcome to the Orlando Artists page. I know I haven't done much with this yet, but that's due to a couple of factors, first and foremost being the number of followers. Currently, it's low, and there's not a whole lot of people yet, which means there's not a whole lot of announcements. Also, we just had the Holidays, and I was in the middle of a move from Kansas City, back to Orlando.

I am looking for people that want to help out and promote the page, and get people interested. So if you can, please share the page with your contacts and encourage them to join. This way, we can reach a much broader audience, and we can get some great artists from the central Florida area.

As you all know, the goal of this page is to get all of us together, bounce ideas off each other, share our experiences and information, and most importantly, setup events in and around the Central Florida area. Casting calls, PhotoWalks, Photography Workshops, Filming on location, etc. If we all work together, we can make this happen, and we can get this page to take off with nothing but a community of artists from the area so that there's art related material just pouring from it.

If you have an event, or an idea for an event, just get in contact with +Jason Nalley and he will post it to the wall.

+Sam Daoudi I just got back online. Was in the process of moving, add me and I will add you back...

Welcome to Orlando Artists - I am making this page in an attempt to get artists from around the Central Florida area together for regular meets. Events such as Photowalks, Casting calls, Film making, etc.

I want this to be a tool that all artists from the area can use to network, meet new people, get inspired, make new friends, and have a great time around this beautiful community.
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