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+Raoul-Gabriel Urma  +Jim Gough  and I have teamed up to produce a #Java 8 & #Lambdas training course:

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JNI Overloaded Method Signatures

tl;dr Avoid them! :)

I've never really written any JNI code before, so here are some quick notes on potential gotchas that lead to an UnsatisfiedLinkError when exposing overloaded C++ functions to Java classes.


Overloaded method names are appended with a double underscore "__" followed by the Java method signature, so for a java.lang.String this would be Ljava_lang_String_2, or Lyour_namespace_Classname_2 for an arbitrary object. multiple arguments are appended to the name without any separator, so the "L..." follows immediately after the "..._2".

The signature convention is detailed here:

Note the bits about escaping underscores with "_1" if you have them in any names, like in the example_namespace below. Also important to keep in mind is that mangling is in the JNI sense of the word, not C++ symbol mangling!

Here's a simple, hopefully correct example.

C++ class to wrap

namespace example_namespace {
class ArgA;
class ArgB;

class Foo {
  void func(const ArgA &a);
  void func(const ArgA &a, const ArgB &b);

Java counterpart
package example_namespace;
public class Foo {
  public native func(ArgA a);
  public native func(ArgA a, ArgB b);

JNI wrapper
(I'm not sure of the correct terminology for these wrapping layers.)

Java_example_1namespace_Foo_func_Lexample_1namespace_ArgA_2(JNIEnv* env, jobject obj, jobject a) { /* ... */ }
Java_example_1namespace_Foo_func_Lexample_1namespace_ArgA_2Lexample_1namespace_ArgB_2(JNIEnv* env, jobject obj, jobject a, jobject b) { /* ... */ }

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Free Caltech online machine learning course starts again on 2 April I really enjoyed the course, worth checking out if you're interested in the subject.

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The best dynamic memory/cheese metaphors I've seen all week

Hope Google Now soon learns that while my office overlooks a bus stop, I don't need to be kept informed of its timetable

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The Nokia 808 camera in this video looks great. I wonder how much the footage was improved during post production.

The new stream in g+ for android looks awesome!

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My new calendar, with a different font for every day. I'm cool.

Thanks Apple, now it feels wrong no matter which way I set the scrolling on my laptop

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500 kg shark jumps onto boat - crazy.
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