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Ubuntu Equity
Ubuntu Equity is a small business trainer, financier and advisor based in Joburg, SA
Ubuntu Equity is a small business trainer, financier and advisor based in Joburg, SA

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Can #funding be a curse to #smallbiz? Certainly. When it creates a premature sense of achievement & stifles a continuous improvement mindset. Always ensure that your action (or lack thereof) is driven by what the market is telling you about your product or service. Otherwise your funding will eventually run out, without anything to sustain the business.

According to economists, #Africa will have the largest workforce in the world by 2040. When will we have the most #entrepreneurs? When will the continent's tag of 'workhorse' come to an end? From Mogadishu to Mombasa, poverty lingers. From Harare to Monrovia, nations titter on the verge of collapse. Rise up African, shake off the 'worker' tag and create wealth for the betterment of all!

"Ruthlessness is an NB! part of business" says Gerry Grimstone, (Chairman, Standard Life). But it should be done with #business_consultation. Particularly as CEOs have to make big #decisions against a ticking clock. 

Despite the fact that 92% of registered #businesses in Ghana are either micro, small or medium; bank #financing remains virtually inaccessible due to bureaucracy, stringent requirements and the size of 'micro-loans' being too small with very short repayment periods

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Despite the SA government's recognition that #entrepreneurship is critical in addressing #unemployment & poverty in the country, the red tape remains an uphill battle. A recent publication on Moneyweb reveals that #smallbusinesses that hire 10 or more individuals have shown significant growth decline in the last few years - partly due to bureaucracy & lack of skills.

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Good news for #SASmallBusiness! According to Experian SA, debtors are paying businesses their due quicker than last year this time.

This is even worse for the #SAyouth, with a mere 15% showing #entrepreneurship intention, compared to the Sub-region's 56% average. This effectively makes SA youth rank at the bottom of the 10 Sub-Saharan African countries interviewed. 

SAs pool of intentional entrepreneurs is only at 14%, well below the 27% average for similar economies elsewhere in the world (GEM 2012 report). A culture is what a culture grows... More needs to be done to entrench a culture of entrepreneurship. 

Do our business schools teach patience, endurance, long-suffering & perseverance? To win, start-ups need a mentor that embodies these virtues.

The statistics reflect that a shocking 15% of micro-enterprises in SA have had access to microfinance from banks and MFIs. Perhaps because many of these financial players are targeting urban areas, despite the fact that a whopping 70% of survivalist enterprises for example, are located in rural areas.
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