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*Hustle Sold Separately

That’s not just a catchy slogan to inspire you to reach for the stars. And this isn’t a speech to remind you it’ll all be worth it when you’re working 16 hours a day. This is a short story about Dreaming and Doing and the importance of both for Copreneurs.

Maybe you’ve been called “dreamers” at different times in your lives. Chances are, it hasn’t always been meant as a compliment. Maybe you’ve even labeled yourself that way, as if it’s a good or a bad thing.

That certainly has been true for us. Back in 2010, Margaret decided it was time to leave the firm she’d been with for a long time. Ron had already been running his CFO business for a few years before that. Wanting to join our talents in a new venture and finding ourselves at liberty to do so, we dreamed up CopreneurCPR.

As is often the case, the reality was a little different than the dream. We had a great business idea. We did our homework. We drafted a business plan. We pitched it to some smart people and they thought it was a great idea, too. We wrote articles, launched a website and got active on social media.

Not that those activities weren’t important. The problem was we couldn’t seem to get past the starting gate. We procrastinated and called it preparation. We were busy but didn’t have a business. (It’s not a business until people are sending you checks on a regular basis.) Here’s how we got things going again.

We stopped researching and started experimenting with real, actual customers.
We surrounded ourselves with Doers to help us stay on track, including an accountability coach.
We made it a rule that we could only say “here’s what I did,” not “here’s what I’m going to do.”
We let go of perfection and started thinking in terms of evolving our product over time.
We gave in to our fears, because fearing CopreneurCPR would flop was preferable to not doing anything and regretting it forever.
Dream big. Start small. Keep going.

This Week: What are your tendencies to dream or do, as individuals and as a business couple? What fresh approaches would benefit you?

Dreaming and Doing must be solid partners for partners in business.


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Innovation isn't limited to hi tech.

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Every statement has an expiration date.
 Candidate Obama On The Use Of Military Force #Syria #Constitution

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Is it possible that Bullshit Jogs are our version of bread and circuses?

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In my continuing mission of rediscovering old favorites, I realized I miss Camille Paglia.

There's this: "It’s time to put my baby-boom generation out to pasture! We’ve had our day and managed to muck up a hell of a lot."

and then this:

"The true mission of feminism today is not to carp about the woes of affluent Western career women but to turn the spotlight on life-and-death issues affecting women in the Third World, particularly in rural areas where they have little protection against exploitation and injustice."

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Migration between the states.  It should come as no surprise who the winners and losers were.

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You have been infected.
The proof of concept for Z*Con has launched! And I would love your help with a share, post, or tweet! 

Unlike other films that only give 1-10% of their net proceeds, one hundred percent of the proceeds from the feature film will go to these amazing charities:

27% to American Red Cross
27% to Kids Need to Read - an organization that provides books to underprivileged kids
27% to Baltimore Bully Crew - an organization that rescues dogs from dog fighting and rehabilitates them for new homes
19% to Big Damn Films - our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to cover costs of production and promotion.

The purpose of our proof of concept is to demonstrate our film's marketability for when we launch our crowdfunding campaign October 1st, 2013, on Indiegogo.

Making films that make a big social impact is very important to both of us and the team. My last film, Browncoats: Redemption raised over $117,000 for charity in just one year. We intend to raise even more with Z*Con.

Thank you for your share, post, or tweet and let me know what I can share for you as reciprocity! 

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What's the world coming to when Walmart can't sustain a competitive advantage?  What's the over-under on how long before we start seeing stories about how WinCo drives mom-and-pops out of business?
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