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Okay, this PROVES that California really is sick in the head. So excessive cow poots take is from 28 THOUSANDTHS of one per cent, to 54 THOUSANDTHS of one per cent (ooo, DOUBLING!) in methane, or carbon, or whatever gas you pick, and that is supposed to destroy the planet?! How self righteous man has become! And the article doesn't mention HOW farmers are supposed to capture the methane – what are they suggesting? Bovine diapers? So SILLY!!!!


Whoa! Hang on just a minute!
So “authorities" are saying that we should NEVER discriminate against anyone…ever?
Hmmm. As Dr. Albert Mohler so eloquently stated in his April 1, 2015 podcast, that is just simply a flat out lie.
We discriminate all the time. When Disney hires cast members, it pays close attention to their physical appearance. I remember when it used to be that you could not even have any tattoos or ANY facial hair. The Orlando Magic discriminates all the time to find that “just-right” player. The Secret Service is VERY selective in who can join their elite group. When the Chow Hound from the Orlando Sentinel goes to various establishments to taste their wares, we applaud him for having “discriminating taste” and rely on his recommendations.
And you can be sure if you as a parent are hiring someone to be your babysitter, you are VERY discriminating in the qualifications of the person you trust with your kids.
So what is the problem then?
I believe because of the tremors our country went through in righting the wrongs of discrimination based on UNCHANGEABLE skin color, many think the same should apply to sexual preferences.
And there’s the rub. Is sexual orientation an UNCHANGEABLE?
There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of people across the United States who have gone from the homosexual lifestyle BACK to heterosexuality.
And thus I used to sincerely believe that it was NOT an unchangeable. Ellen DeGeneras’ former girlfriend on the Oprah Show bluntly stated, “I was not born this way….I CHOSE this!”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife of 20 years once lived many years as a lesbian. She has publicly talked about “sexual FLUIDITY.”

Even well-known lesbian provocateur Camille Paglia has stated that: “Everyone from the mainstream media to Lady Gaga is preaching the 'born gay' gospel, but NOBODY is born gay, and no scientific study claiming that has EVER held up to later scrutiny.”

So obviously sexual preference is just that, a PREFERENCE, right? A CHANGEABLE.

How can you discriminate against something that is one way this day, and another way the next?
But Sy Rogers, who at one time was a candidate for a sex change until Johns Hopkins dismantled their program, says it this way: 
[Quote] “I did not wake up one day and say, ‘Gee, I think I'll be gay. That’ll make my parents happy.’ ”
“I did NOT choose it! When people say, ‘It’s a choice,’ I would DISAGREE [at least, to a certain extent]. I did not choose my FEELINGS – THEY developed for reasons BEYOND my choice and understanding. But I WILL say, ‘You may not have had a choice about your feelings developing, but you DO have a choice about them controlling and DEFINING you, if you have the right understanding.’ ” [Unquote]
So yes, people DO move from heterosexuality to homosexuality AND then back to heterosexuality again. [AND some maybe go back to homosexuality yet again….see what a mess this is?!]
AND yes, therefore, it IS, I would suggest, okay to discriminate, to make a moral determination, IF done with “right understanding” and love. And not the fake religion of that Pastor from Arizona mentioned on the front page of a recent Orlando Sentinel newspaper. TRUE Christians are VERY big on kind and sincere LOVE.
However, it MUST be resolved that hate-filled rhetoric should be discouraged, and hate-filled actions outlawed, no matter WHICH SIDE of this issue you fall.
Maybe we ALL should have more “discriminating tastes” in this area of KINDNESS, hmmm??!?

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Clearly and consisely describes how when we sin, when we mess up, it is ulimately against God Himself....
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