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Chief Ling
Chief Ling Enterprise Co. Ltd - Medical Accessory, Hardware, Promotional Gift, Paper Product, Acrylic Product, Plastic Parts
Chief Ling Enterprise Co. Ltd - Medical Accessory, Hardware, Promotional Gift, Paper Product, Acrylic Product, Plastic Parts

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No.9-17, Nanshin Lane, Nanshin Village, Dacun Shiang, Chunghua County, 51543 Taiwan ( R.O.C.)
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Chief Ling started to manufacturer custom-made product from the keychain of Millennium, which only required simple process and assembling. However, we sensed that the multi-field industry was the future trend. A company needs to offer multiple services including designing, manufacturing, assembling, shipping, even after-sales service. So we devote to become a professional custom-made product manufacturer, break the limitation of traditional industry.

✔ Become a leading custom-made product manufacturer in Taiwan.
✔ Become an exquisite company based on our core value.
✔ Enhance the international competitiveness of the company.


As a custom-made product manufacturer, our job is to ensure the quality, check everything is the most economic for our clients, provide the product in different materials. Moreover, we make efforts to spread the good fame of “Made in Taiwan” with our service of total solution!

✔ Offer the high quality product.
✔ Lower the price and reduce the risk.
✔ Spread the reputation of “Made in Taiwan” to worldwide.


Unlike the traditional industry only offer single service, we pay much attention to “total solution” that we always try our best to meet customers’ every request, including manufacturing, sampling, shipping, assembling…etc. We are just like a director in the movie, handling the whole procedure for customers. To protect customers’ exclusive design, we set up the door security system that is provided by SIGMU which is the most reliable security company in Taiwan. We are also willing to sign the non-disclosure agreement for customers to ensure the intellectual property right of customized product.


“Chief Ling” stands for prosperity, but also means “The chief of the company is Ling (Tina)” as “Ling” is the last word in Tina’s Chinese first name “Li-Ling”The pronunciation of “Chief Ling” in Chinese is a mythical hooved chimerical creature known in Chinese and other East Asian cultures, said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler. It is a good omen thought to occasion prosperity or serenity so we choose it to be represented of our company.

Chief Ling has three logos so far and each was designed in different periodDesigned in 2004 when moving to the new building,
orange stands for energetic and passion,
green stands for environmental protection.



Outstanding ODM,OEM Practitioner
Ensure Steady Superior Quality
Competitive and Reasonable Prices
Timely Delivery and Flexible Production Lines
Satisfactory and Accurate Services

Every staff involves quality control
Product and management meet international standard
Create the most profits for mutual sides
Build honest and reliable business relationship
None complain from clients

We are honored to acquire the ISO certificate in Feb. 2015 in order to improve our management of each procedure and quanlity inspection. The ISO certificate is focus on design and assembly of custom-made gifts and household products, which is what we specialize in for over 20 years. The ISO certificate is issued by GlobalGROUP of Companies Limited and UKAS management systems. These two credible identified systems will annually examine if our company does follow every procedure of ISO standard.
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Medical Accessory
Hugger Weight / Silicon Mat / Skin Marker Pen

Medical Accessory
PVC corrugated sheet / Hose Clamp / Screws / Bonded Washer

Custom-Made Hardware
Promotional Gift
Badges & Tie Clip / Gift Box / Golf Balls Gifts / Key Chain

Promotional Gift
Paper Product
Educational Paper Puzzles / Paper Bag / Sticker

Paper Product
Acrylic Product
Acrylic Container / Acrylic Display / Acrylic Accessories

Acrylic Product
Plastic Parts
PVC / PU Spring / Plastic Part / Bag Handle / Squeezemate

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We serve customers with 3 types of business

Custom-made design manufacturer for customers’ exclusive design
Exporter comprehensive product from Taiwan and China with CFS or CY shipments
Be a purchase agent for comprehensive product from Taiwan and China

Custom-made design
manufacturer for customers’
exclusive design
Design, develop, and produce exclusive products including mould opening, sample confirm, mass Production, quality control and assurance, goods Delivery, professional Service.We are quite professional in developing customers’ exclusive designs and are eager to offer our best services, delivery to our customers.

Customers e-mail or fax their artwork/drawing to show their exclusive design with full specifications to us for quoting the best price. For example: size details, material (plastic in ABS, PP, PVC…or metal such as brass, stainless steel, steel, aluminum), finish (nickel plated, gold plated, dye-cut, color painting, with clear epoxy, need effect with 2D or 3D), function and other special request.

If customers have no idea on the material and finish, we will give the customers our suggestion of the economic material and suitable effects according to our manufacturing experiences and skills. Prices and the tooling cost are quoted according to different designs with complex lines or not.

Exporter comprehensive product
from Taiwan and China
with CFS or CY shipments

Chief Ling Enterprise. Ltd. is a professional exporter with reputations for over 20 years in Taiwan. We source the most suitable product with reasonable price and steady quality according to clients’ request.

Our current customers are from U.S.A., Germany, U.K., Iran, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Peru, Nigeria, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain,….all over the world that prices are quote according customers’ inquiry with different sizes, material, q’ty case by case.

After confirming customer’s inquiry, we will check the current material cost, validity and also the current exchange rate. We insist to offer the most competitive prices with reasonable margin for keeping long-term business relationship with our customers.

The shipment is arranged by our reliable forwarders if clients don’t point and all of our customers are satisfied with our products and shipping services. Our forwarders have their own shipping facilities and would also cooperate with other trusty vessel companies to keep the safe and efficient shipment. Our forwarder agent would remind client to make the custom clearance for preventing the warehouse fee increase and also send advice of the cargo collecting situation to us. This action will help customers to collect the goods without questions and let us know that the goods arrive at customer’s end safely.

Be a purchase agent for
comprehensive product
from Taiwan and China

Besides custom-made manufacturer and exporter, Chief Ling also can help customers to handle the shipment with their assigned suppliers in Taiwan or China as we have abundant experiences of exporting.

Chief Ling have helped a customer from South Africa to handle CY shipment of packing machine and accessories into a 20ft container every two months for over 30 years, they are very satisfied with our service and arrangement.

We always make prompt &
correct arrangement for customers
We are familiar with both CFS and CY shipment including combining several different products from different suppliers into a whole 20ft/40ft container

Also we will make documents according to customers’ request, especial customers in middle- East and east-south Asia, they always have special request; the proper shipping document is very important for customers to make importing clearance.

Chief Ling – Custom-Made Professional : Medical Accessory, Hardware, Promotional Gift, Paper Product, Acrylic Product, Plastic Parts
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