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Looking for your missing G+ CIRCLES? In the computer browser, go to settings and then scroll down to Advanced Settings. From there, toggle on "Enable circle stream in navigation", which lets you select from your Circle Streams on the left sidebar.

You can also bookmark circles and use them to jump directly to your circles.
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Collected G+ mass exodus/sky-falling preventative measures- relevant posts
NOW PUBLIC, if you reshared the previous post, reshare this one.
To return to classic g+ mode on the PC: refer to the picture captioned "How to go back on PC" picture below

To return to classic g+ mode on Iphone (and presumably other mobile devices): Refer to the pictures labeled "Iphone Step" 1-3 below. This will only work through accessing G+ through your WEB BROWSER, not the mobile ap.

An alternative within Google in case Events goes away.

Where to go to make new hangouts:
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The recent death and apparent suicide of Mr. Robin Williams has struck a nerve with me such that I feel like I need to share some resources on suicide. Please ALWAYS take threats of suicide seriously (however, do not emotionally explode or panic).  If you suspect somebody may be suicidal, please talk with them about it. It's a myth that talking with somebody about suicide will implant the idea in their head and make them more likely to commit suicide.  When potentially suicidal people are NOT talked to about suicide, their chances for suicide will be GREATER.
Please consider visiting the resources below and finding more information.

National Suicide Lifeline^ *1-800-273-TALK (8255)  In the US., the National Suicide Lifeline wires callers to the nearest available local network of phone workers trained in dealing with suicide and crisis.  They take calls from both suicidal callers and callers concerned about potentially suicidal third parties.
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