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One thing product managers should never forget - that they are disposable

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Diving into the design of social mechanics. Reading up on the latest from O'Reilly. Anything else out there you would recommend?

Login to Google+ for this first time in weeks..... and I am greeted by talk about Google+. Is this what I missed?

Just booked my trip to Barcelona for September/October. Catching a week off and some footy at the Nou Camp. Already obsessively researching every little detail on the itinerary mockup.

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Arsenal expect Cesc Fábregas and Samir Nasri back – but not for long

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56% of Canadians say they are completely comfortable with the idea of never handling cash again according to this survey conducted by PayPal - (please somebody take my pennies away)

And just like that... the opportunist social media marketer strikes yet another social network. Hide your kids

Circles is very well designed. Great default circles and segmentation UI for rookie users. Better than Facebook has ever done with groups

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The world's biggest ad network starting a social network reminds me of the FBI/Facebook project from the Onion
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