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Read This When Your Future Seems So Far Away
By Angelo Caerlang There will be moments when you will get tired of everything. There will be days when you will look at where you’re standing and you will feel like you haven’t made any progress. There will be times when you will accidentally see your refl...

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I'm A Failure
"Just as you thought at good things come to an end, that's when the new chapter began". I posted a picture of me overlooking sunset in Ipoh with caption above. It's not a gimmicky picture with a profound picture; in fact, a new chapter of my life is about t...

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It's Official
Can you believe it - I'm attached for real.  Maybe I jinxed it coz I didn't plan to have a relationship this year. Never thought he would entered into my life like a summer breeze in the winter that I could barely could resist. I'm really proud and grateful...

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Tale As Old As Time
After much commotion, Beauty and The Beast is not showing in Malaysia after all. Though our Censorship Board has given its green light to screen movie after removing the gay scene but Disney decided to pulls the movie entirely from Malaysian distribution.  ...

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Orchid Collaborates with Watsons Malaysia to Announce Winners of First Ever Orchid ‘Be Yourself’ Competition
The first ever Orchid ‘Be Yourself’ competition finale rocked the house at Alamanda Shopping Centre in Putrajaya, as talented finalists gave their all as they out-acted, out-sang, out-danced and outshone each other to grab the chance of winning RM6,000 in t...

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MOLPay Cash; The Next Big Thing
MOLPay Sdn Bhd, Southeast Asia’s leading payment solutions provider raises the ante in e-commerce market segment by introducing MOLPay Cash , the first and only Online-to-Offline (O2O) innovative payment, pioneering in Southern Asia. MOLPay Cash is a way of...

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TOP with Micro Clean Tech™ Brings Next Level Cleaning Technology to Malaysia
TOP, the No.1 detergent brand in Malaysia  is revolutionizing the Malaysian detergent industry yet again, with the introduction of its new breakthrough Micro-Clean Tech ™ technology. Tag lined ‘It’s not clean until It’s Micro-Clean’ , the brand is encouragi...

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Happy Couples Don’t Talk About Their Relationship On Social Media
Do you and your partner love flaunting your relationship on the internet, giving it a digital audience? Do you constantly post updates about your relationship on Instagram and Facebook? Do you give live coverage of every single thing you do with your spouse...

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World Kidney Day 2017 Event in Putrajaya for ‘Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Kidneys’
The World Kidney Day 2017 (WKD17) is an annual event and this year’s focus is on healthy lifestyle to prevent obesity as obesity can lead to chronic kidney disease. Obesity remains the number one preventable risk factor for chronic kidney disease because ob...

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Jealousy, turning saints into the sea
I didn't know it has been close to a month since my entry. I've been very busy actually. I wanted to sleep but I guess insomnia hits me again. There's nothing entertaining in Facebook. Wait got one, but it is an attention whore - tagging his sexual position...
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